Nuclear Strikes on Metro Newspaper, 4,8 Milions readers

We are very happy to announce that NUCLEAR STRIKES appeared in Celebrity article on biggest Malaysian newspaper called  METRO, with over 4,8 Millions readers!!

- METRO 21st October 2012

"Community perception of loud music or 'heavy metal' very negative. Many parents think that such music is not only corrupt the morals of young people, also say the cause of social ills.
Especially with the appearance of most of the avid followers of this genre long hair and sometimes wear trousers in tatters, they could stain and unmanageable. However, the statement denied the Nuclear Strikes (NS) consisting of Ladyana Steelgirl as vocalist, Rex Killer (guitar), 1.2 Kill (guitar), Thunderbolt (bass) and Iron Speed (drums). For those perceptions were supposed to be non-existent because the music is not to be influence a person to be evil. They have to defend heavy metal music is not dirty as claimed.

"We regret that the negative things associated with heavy metal music lovers. Actually individuals themselves who need to know boundaries. Not have to be an aggressive just because of the music.
"Why must I be putting the blame on the music? Undoubtedly the emotional influence of music but we are blessed to be able to think common sense rational, "says Rex.

Eight years of fighting hard tunes, in the end all their efforts bear fruit. Known as a musicians 'underground', their desire to appear not as wanted in line with mainstream singer. Their presence just want to share the joy when a 'band' first signing of a contract with an international record company.
"We signed a contract with Defox Records for 10 years. The company is responsible for distributing and promoting our album.

"We hope that with the signing of this contract, we can pave the way for other bands to jointly create a name abroad.
"Although there are still many do not even know the existence of the Nuclear Strikes, it does not make us sad. Our goal is not going to compete, just wanted to share the success and joy for successfully introducing Malaysia, "said Rex.

By injecting elements of rock, hard rock and a little trash, this group still retains the limelight for heavy metal tunes the 1980s.
A 'trademark' to NS, they still maintain that analog sound waves generated music as it was when first introduced in Malaysia.
When carries the name of the country to the international level, they will inject a bit of noise that highlight their identity as a son of Malaysia.

Cool no matter where they lead the music, criticisms and never gave hurled. Block faced with challenges, NS abide by it.
"The curse, abuse and all negative comments are part and parcel. At first it felt as we expect the support and words of the spirit, not the criticism that kill.
"But we are relatives. Thank you for all the curse because that's the inspiration to prove at all that we can be successful.

"All the criticism we received to improve the way we bring this music. If not because of the criticism, we would not have been at its current levels, "said Ladyana who also expressed a sense of pride when their band was appointed ambassador of Eastern Bobber motorcycle brand."

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