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ELIXIR and GLITTER MAGIC new year in Japan!!

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS presents ROCK OR DIE Monthly #31 "South American Bands Special" aired at 8 pm (GMT+9) on Friday, January 4th 2013. Following 5 bands come up for the show, our bands, ELIXIR and GLITTER MAGIC included!. 
After it was aired in Japan, the show will upload on a podcast for the listeners all over the world. 

ELIXIR - Album "Unlease The Magic"
FIRE HUNTER - Album "Arising From Fire"
GLITTER MAGIC - Album "Bad For Health"
SOUL APART - Album "The Enlightened Hollow"
TIMELESS - LP "Condenado

ELIXIR from Uruguay


Breath-Fresher on Facebook
Elixir on Facebook
Glitter Magic on Facebook

SILENCE OATH will appear on Sample CD in Transylvania

SILENCE OATH will appear on Sample CD published with Slowly We Rot Fanzine from Transylvania!
The mastermind Fil and the producer Mirko Defox they chose the song entitled " Forgotten graves" from the digital album "Beneath a bleeding sky" planned for end of January 2013 and available on Itunes, Amazon, Emusic & more.

Slowly We Rot Fanzine will be out in February 2013 with issue 3!
Extreme fanzine English written in b&w pages professionally printed, A4 size glossy paper with A3 poster included.
Traditional & extreme metal compilation CD included.

Worldwide distribution (Europe, South & North America, Asia and Australia)
interviews (confirmed: ASPHYX, AUTOPSY, CELESTIAL SEASON, DEATH, ECLIPSE ETERNAL, EVOL, MANEGARM, MOONSPELL, OSCULUM INFAME, PESSIMIST, POSSESSED, RAGE, RAVEN, SATURNUS, TANKARD, and more to be announced), CD / Tape / Vinyl / Zine reviews, Rising Demons section, Merchants of Death section
genres promoted: Heavy, Thrash, Death, Grind, Black, Doom

SILENCE OATH will be included on Blitz Quitz section of Pest Webzine 

Slowly We Rot Fanzine Facebook page 

Nuclear Strikes on "Chopper Rockers" Magazine Malaysia

We are really happy to announce Nuclear Strikes on "Chopper Rockers" Magazine Malaysia!!!!
This paper magazine is most important for asian bikers and rockers lovers!
printed in 100,000 copies!!

LadyAna pic courtesy from L.A. Facebook

Nuclear Strikes album now available on; 

OXIDO Radio Program from Argentina

Defox Records presents a great metal rock Radio in Argentina called OXIDO. Our bands are in a broadcast's playlist! chief in Studio is Javier!
OXIDO, one of the best metal music radio programs in Argentina, the first radio program dates back to July 1995. 

Thursdays between 10 and 12 PM, Buenos Aires time through tuning 103.7 Mhz from the Local Radio station of the city of Chivilcoy, in the central area of the province of Buenos Aires. 
The antenna of the station reaches approximately thirty-five kilometers from this city.
People can listen online at or through the pages of Río Negro on Radio: or

Also have multiple weekly repeats: Friday at 10 PM. 
Extreme Metal radio:; Saturdays at 14 PM
by FM Schenker in Posadas (Misiones):; and Sundays at 11 PM. and Wednesday at 2 AM. by 103.7 Mhz Radio Local de Chivilcoy: 

Eliz Foxy Courtesy pic from Facebook

Very soon the interview of WILD KITTEN on OXIDO blogzine!

The Metal Madman Radio Show from New York

We are happy to announce that our bands, WILD KITTEN, ALEX DE ROSSO and ALICATE are played in a famous Radio show called "The Metal Madman" from New York!

The Metal Madman Radio Show every Wednesday 7-10 PM E.S.T. (USA)
Created in 2006, and broadcast Worldwide. 
All the attitude along with the best Hard Rock, Hair Bands, Power Metal, Progressive Metal, Christian Metal, Traditional Heavy Metal, Instrumental Shredding, and more! 
From the insanely obscure to the well known! CD showcases, exclusives, premieres, demos, and special guests!

Eliz Foxy (Wild Kitten) pic courtesy from W.K. Facebook

Wild Kitten on The Metal Madman

Alex De Rosso pic courtesy from RRR

Alicate pic courtesy from ALICATE Facebook

Alicate on The Metal Madman

Dimitriy Pavlovskiy's POWERSQUAD new digital single titled "Joulupukkina"

HEART OF STEEL RECORDS announce the Dimitriy Pavlovskiy's POWERSQUAD new digital single titled "Joulupukkina", from the forthcoming album "... From The Glassvoid", which will be released in April 2013! Song performed in Finnish language!

The single will be available in January 10, in every biggest worldwide web-stores!

HARD DESIRE reviews from Italian WebZines

We are vey happy to announce the great reviews of HARD DESIRE's album published on italian web magazines!!

Now on METAL HEAD, writen by Luca Zakk Piotto and on ROCK METAL ESSENCE by Iacopo Mezzano.

Review from Rock Metal Essence



DEFOX RECORDS & INVINCIBLE RECORDS are excited to announce the record deal with the italian black symphonic project called SILENCE OATH.

“Silence Oath” is a one-man-band founded in 2007 by Filippo Tezza, guitarist and vocalist of the power/thrash metal band “Soul Guardian”, in activity from 2004 to 2012 in Verona’s underground scene. 
Filippo, lover of all kinds of metal, especially power and melodic metal, during that year (while he was also playing as singer in the prog-heavy metal band “Shards Of Fear”) decided to try to play a more extreme kind of metal; thus he founded this solo project (whose name, in the beginning, was simply “Oath”), initially devoted to an old-school death metal, with some mention of symphonic black metal. 
He composed and recorded at home, totally alone, guitar lines, bass lines, keyboards lines, drums (programmed by a drum machine) and vocals of the first demo-album, entitled “Cursed” (dated 2007), evidence of death-black metal, vaguely melodic in some tracks, with his (at that time) too immature growl vocals.

The following year, Filippo thought about writing the next album, but he made things more seriously: the style was refined, moving to a symphonic black metal music, with gothic and death metal influences, more technical and more atmospheric. 
He programmed again drum machine and some orchestrations; then he recorded the album more professionally, at home of the ex-lead guitarist of “Shards Of Fear” Nicolò, and, after trying in vain to find an available black metal singer, he decided to take care of the vocals (his growl voice was improved). At the end of 2009, due to homonymy with other bands, Filippo changed the monicker from “Oath” to the current “Silence Oath” and drew the new logo.
The new album, titled “Beneath A Bleeding Sky” was finally available in April 2010, after many vicissitudes and pauses during the recording-sessions. The album, recorded in the home-studio of Nicolò, was much more mature and symphonic then before, with nordic atmospheres and with many guitar riffs played in black metal style.
The lyrics of “Beneath A Bleeding Sky” were very dark, with no explicit references to policy or religion. 
Compared to the first album, the new lyrics were more mature and reflective, and the explicit lyrics were abandoned. In “Beneath A Bleeding Sky” there were also more introspective themes such as desolation, or moral rebirth of a child after the death of his father; however, all the lyrics were seen in a dark and pessimistic perspective.

Between April 2011 and June 2012, Filippo composed what will be the third full-length album, titled “The Abyss Of Conscience”, which is currently waiting to be recorded. 
Filippo announced that the new record will be more progressive and experimental, between symphonic black metal and avant-garde influences, with high length tracks; the songs will be more complex and structured than the past.
In the end of 2012, “Silence Oath” reaches a deal for the release of “Beneath A Bleeding Sky” in the digital market.

The album will be available in January 2013 in every good web-stores as Itunes, Amazon, EMusic, Deezer...

01 - The rite
02 - Uninvited presence
03 - I am the Legion
04 - Forgotten graves
05 - Queen of the dark secrets
06 - The circle
07 - A cursed omen
08 - Beneath a bleeding sky
09 - Beyond the shadows of the Winter

Official Label site: INVINCIBLE RECORDS
Facebook Band: CLICK HERE


We want to inform that is now (TODAY) available in every biggest worldwide digital stores the album of sleazy rockers WILD KITTEN.
The Wild Kitten's album contains 7 songs in veins of golden 80's Hair metal with modern sleazy sound! 

You can buy the music through the audio player below!! BUY NOW!!!


We want to inform that is now (TODAY) available in every biggest worldwide digital stores the album of mexican YATROGENY.

Yatrogeny is a melodic death metal band formed by Martin Martinez (Eclectic Spawn – Xipe Totec) and Jorge Sánchez ( ex Kadath) in 1999.
The album titled "Radical Pessimism" contains nine tracks, accompanied by prolonged soloing (more so than on previous albums). 
The lyrics delve into the pessimistic philosophy of Schopenhauer, Sakia Muni Buda and Leopardi and Cioran.

You can buy the music through the audio player below!! BUY NOW!!!


We are vey happy to announce the really good reviews published in italian METAL HEAD magazine!!

WILD KITTEN " This is a wonderful surprise. A ruthless glam metal, brash, vulgar...An album freaked out, a burst of electricity to one million watts. True Hard rock, And pure, Madness and fun"...Read click Here

GROTESQUE ORCHESTRA "Half an hour of emotional music, epic...It might be the true rebirth of symphonic black metal"
Read click Here

ALEX DE ROSSO New amazing Album!!

DEFOX RECORDS, HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are excited to annunce the Record deal with an guitar god ALEX DE ROSSO.
The fourth solo release is entitled "Lions & Lambs", contains 10 songs and will be available in the best music stores and in every Digital music store and scheduled for January 2013.
AMAZING album in vein of Melodic Hard Rock, Toto, Dokken, Whitesnake style with modern and powerful sound!
In the album there are some important special guests: Don Dokken (Dokken), Reb Beach (Winger, Dokken, Whitesnake), George Lynch (Lynch Mob, Dokken), Timothy Drury (Whitesnake, the Eagles), Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake), Steve Lukather (Toto)
The cd format was created with a amazing Deluxe Digipack, with material entirely Made in Italy.
Also the CD is distribuited in Germany and North Europe by Aor Heaven, in Japan by Rock Avenue Records and in Italy by DeFox Records and Andromeda Relix.

Alex De Rosso's passion for rock guitar began in 1982 in Padova, Italy.
In 1986, after some live and recording experiences on the local scene, Alex joined Dark Lord, a top Italian heavy rock band with international recognition, bringing a new creative impulse to their 1987 album "It's nigh'time"(Tonau Records, Austria). Dark Lord opened for major bands such as The Cult and Saxon. In the same year it was also featured on a cd compilation of the best contemporary european bands "Best heavy metal from Europe"(Third Ear Music, U.S.A. & Mesak International, Sweden).

In 1988 Alex left Dark Lord and joined Serena R.B., a top Italian underground band, gaining tremendous exposure and experience as a live act, playing concerts, festivals, and clubs for about 4 years. After that, while collaborating with some rock, blues, and pop artists and bands and teaching in music schools, he developed the idea for a solo project.
In 1995 Alex entered the international scene when Alfa Brunette released in Japan "Alex De Rosso", his self titled cd, and Pick Up Records released it in Europe. The album, written, arranged and produced by Alex, is mostly instrumental and contains two songs with David Reece (Bangalore Choir, Accept) on lead vocals.

The reviews were great everywhere, and in the same year "Music Connection" rated Alex's demo as one of the best 10 demos of the year, the best in instrumental rock.
At the same time Alex signed endorsement deals with ESP guitars, Seymour Duncan pickups, VHT amplification, and De Salvo strings, playing in music conventions and fairs like the Namm Show in Los Angeles, the Frankfurt Musikmesse in Germany, and the Interexpomusic & the Disma Music Show in Italy.

In 1997 Alex started to record his second album "Ossimoro". This album is total a expression of his artistic guitar style, where he is author of music and lyrics, producer, back up vocalist, and of course guitarist. The cd was released in Italy on Pick Up Records in 1998, in the U.S.A. on Quantum Records in 1999, and later in Europe on Rokarola/Music Avenue.

2002 was an eventful year - as well as the release of his third album "the thin line between black and white", Alex was asked by Don Dokken to take over guitar duties when John Norum (Europe) left Dokken's European tour in June.
When Dokken took part in the Metal Edge Rockfest along with Ratt, Firehouse, L.A. Guns and Warrant in the summer of 2002, Alex was called on again to be part of the line-up, and he was back on the team for the 'Mmm...Nice Package' tour which began in January 2003, when the line-up was Dokken, Whitesnake and The Scorpions.

In the middle of all this, Alex recorded as lead guitar player the album "Vertigo" featuring Joseph Williams (TOTO) on lead vocals, and for the album "Perfect World" with Kelly Hansen (Hurricane, Foreigner) on vocals.
Back in Italy, after the Dokken days, in early 2004 Alex started to work on some productions @ the cube, his own recording studio.
One of them was "Shadows Fade", featuring Kevin Chalfant (The Storm) on vocals.
But in the meantime Alex started a new great hard rock band with a great vocalist.

so Headrush will be the name of the band, and Roberto Tiranti (Labirynth) will be the singer.
After months of writing and recordings the first and self titled album of Headrush is ready, and it will be released the 21st of March 2005 in Europe by Frontiers Records, and by King Records in Japan.

2008 is the perfect year for the release of King of Balance “A rockwalk through the TOTO years”, a tribute to one of the greates rock bands ever and one of alex’s favourite, TOTO.
The album is produced by Alex, and many friends are involved in the project: Timothy Drury (Whitesnake, the Eagles), Stef Burns (Huey Lewis, Y&T, Alice Cooper, Vasco Rossi), Roberto Tiranti (Labyrinth), Michele Luppi (Killing Touch), and many others.

Alex  played in other good releases, Faithsedge and Pushking, he is guest with celebrities as Alice Cooper, Paul Stanley (Kiss), Billy Gibbons (ZZTop), Steve Vai!
And now in 2012, Alex is ready for his fourth solo album, with the participation of some of the greatest guitar players on the planet !"

Current line-up:

Alex De Rosso , lead guitar, vocals
Bob Parolin, drums
Fabrizio Grossi, bass


- Alex De Rosso (1995)
- Ossimoro (1998)
- The thin line betwen black and white (2002)
- Lions & Lambs (2013)


VARIOUS ARTISTS "The End of the World? 21-12-12"

DEFOX RECORDS announce the Hard'n'Heavy compilation titled "The End of the World? 21-12-12" !!
The Mayan prophecy, will not stop our bands! 
The compilation will be published in all Wolrdwide Digital store in December 21. 

Bands included ; 


Defox Records presents DRAWZZNIKK

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are proud to announce the EP of Heavy Metal band DRAWZZNIKK, two roaring female voices from Austria!

DRAWZZNIKK’s latest work titled "WINGS“ contains 4 songs in authentic traditional Heavy Metal style.
The EP will be available in every worldwide digital stores mid January 2013

The band was formed by guitarist Martin Traussnigg who was featured in the GUITAR PLAYER magazine and who also received credit in the reknown GITARRE & BASS magazine. 
Most of all, his classical influence, his technical skills and his songwriting abilities have aided DRAWZZNIKK in their musical progress.

At the front line, it’s two rockin‘ females, Nina Traussnigg and Janine Blumauer, who complement each other exceptionally well. 
Not least by taking part in the‚ Popstars‘ show of the year 2011, Janine has caught attention nationwide.

Almost making it into the finals, Janine chose DRAWZZNIKK over her solo career and has been influential in DRAWZZNIKK’s powerful sound.
It was back in 2010 when DRAWZZNIKK made a furious start, releasing their first demo which was vowed by fans and critics all over the world. What’s more, DRAWZZNIKK appeared on three samplers in the very same year (Randy Rhoads CD Project II, Shredding Skin – Whitesnake Tribute, Musicians for Oil Relief). 

Among countless well-known musicians like Vince Neil, George Lynch, Brad Gillis, Chris Poland, Mark Slaughter and many others, DRAWZZNIKK have made it onto the Ozzy Osbourne tribute album „No More Tears: A Millennium Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne“ which was released in the U.S. in 2012. 
The band also appeared on the first „Metal Monthly“ compilation. 

Track list:
I AM THE WILD (4:54)
REVELATION (6:26) (Ozzy's cover)
WINGS (5:57)

Nina Traussnigg - Vocals
Janine Blumauer - Vocals
Martin Traussnigg - Guitar
Matthias Wallner - Bass
Andreas Gartler - Drums

Nina Traussnigg

- Drawzznikk Facebook click HERE

- Heart Of Steel Records click HERE