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Multi-instrumentalist Martin Martinez announce the first solo album

MARTIN MARTINEZ “TEQUIPACHOLIZTLI” - Invincible Records/DeFox Records 2023

DeFox Records and Invincible Records are proudly to announce the first solo album of Martin Martinez, master and philosopher of ancient, primordial pre-hispanic music from Mexico.

The product it's entitled "Tequipacholiztli". The Album contains ten songs inspired by the ancient and mysterious pre-hispanic mood.

The release will be published in February 20th - 2023. Digital album will be available on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam, YouTube Music and many more.

This time, the homonymous multi-instrumentalist presents us with a way of making music with pre-Hispanic instruments combined with Death Metal voices. The result is a mythical, mysterious and cavernous sound of a possible and hypothetical primordial Mexico.

Master creator of Metal bands such as XIPE TOTEC, MIQUIAN, YATROGENY and CONSOLAMENTUM, Martin brings us his first solo album "Tequipacholiztli" (anguish) translated from Nahuatl, the language spoken by the ancient Mexicas, which makes a kind of remembrance of the ancient songs existentialists called “Icnocuicatl” or songs of affliction. These small reflections about the life and death binomial capture the imagination of the creator of Tequipacholiztli, writing to his worldview little phrases of affliction and sorrow. The philosophical and lyrical influence of Cioran and Schopenhauer, as well as the music of Jorge Reyes and Antonio Zepeda are present, in a syncretistic project with pre-Columbian sounds, death metal and a lot of grief...

Nahuatl translation: Luz Mariana Padilla 

Cover: “The vision of the Brete” Beto Mire 

Lyrics, music and voices: Martin Martinez

Mastering & logo: Adrián Barrios 

Track List:

1.- TOYOLTZIN CHOCAHTICA (Our hearts cry)



4.- AHTICMATIH (We do not know)

5.- TOYEYAN (Our place)

6.- NEMILIZTLI (Existence)

7.- NOMTLI (Mute)



10.- AHTICMATIH TLEIN? (What is all this?)

“Toyoltzin chocahtica ihuan toehuatl ezquiza.

Our heart cries, our skin bleeds.

Cehcen tlacatiliztli, ce choquiztli huehueyac.

Every birth, a desperate cry.

Ahticmatih tlein quitoznequi yolliztli.

We do not know the meaning of life.

Ahticmatih tlein quitoznequi miquiliztli.

We do not know the meaning of death.

Toyeyan, tlacahcayahualliztli ixinach.

Our place, seed of lies.

Nacazatzatl īxpan in nemiliztli ixitecuicatiliz,

Deaf to the noise of existence.

Nomtli queh mimiqueh.

Dumb as corpses.

Ixpopoyohtlih Ometecuhtli iconehuan.

Blind sons of Ometecuhtli.

Tequipacholiztli ipan tlein huahlaz, iccxiohtli motlatla.

Anguish in the future, trail on fire.

Ahticmatih tlein?, ¿Tlein in xihuitl?

What is all this? What is time?”

SPITFIRE MkIII announce the release of a digital single titled Earthquake


SPITFIRE MKIII new SINGLE "Earthquake" (Heart Of Steel Records 2022)

DEFOX RECORDS, HEART OF STEEL RECORDS and SPITFIRE MkIII announce the release of a digital single titled "Earthquake" which anticipates by ten days, the release of the new full album titled "Shadows Phantoms Nightmares" release scheduled for Sept.30th 2022.

The single, recorded and produced between June 2021 and June 2022 at the Opal Arts Studio by Fabio Serra and mastered at the Pri Studio by Roberto Priori.

Click on the link for pre-save the music in your best digital stores!

Spitfire MkIII Announce new album with Heart Of Steel Records

DEFOX RECORDS, HEART OF STEEL RECORDS and SPITFIRE MkIII announce with great pleasure the new record of the hystoric Italian band, with release scheduled for Sept.30th 2022.

The album, recorded and produced between June 2021 and June 2022 at the Opal Arts Studio by

Fabio Serra and mastered at the Pri Studio by Roberto Priori, is titled SHADOWS PHANTOMS NIGHTMARES and includes 12 unreleased songs (11 in the digital version), all original composition and some of which, such as Gangs Fight, Phantom Barrow and Screaming Steel, dated back to the 1980s.

The band, born as a quintet in 1981, became a quartet from 1983 to 1985, and then from 1986 took on the definitive trio structure, which is all that is needed to play rock'n'roll.

SPITFIRE MkIII - Giacomo “Giga” Gigantelli voice and bass, Stefano Pisani guitar, Luca Giannotta drums - with this new album they return to their roots with their classic metal in NWOIHM style; now, as mature but always essential musicians in the choice of arrangements, they have managed to bring together many years of experience in a tracklist full of suggestions, free from gender constraints but always faithful to the spirit of the first Italian metal.

This record, which follows 2010's Time and Eternity, already from the title reveals to be an almost concept album, in balance between old horror films and modern fears, between Hollywood and the hell of the many shadows that obscure the horizon daily. The power trio from Verona city has been able to maintain a balance between the classicism of metal and more current sounds, without losing the "true metal" spirit, which has characterized its long history, as demonstrated by songs like “Earthquake”, “Phantom Barrow”, “Screaming Steel” and “Sign of the Times”, that perhaps best define this alternation of styles. Although one of the songs that best identifies the spirit of the “new” Spitfire is “Beauty VS Beast”, the perfect bridge between past and present.

Track list:

1. Earthquake

2. The Eagles Are Laughing

3. Phantom Barrow

4. Once It Was Human (The Fly)

5. Spirit of the Blind Man

6. Screaming Steel

7. Gangs Fight

8. Golem of Prague

9. Sign of the Times

10. Beauty VS Beast

11. Winners Take All

12. Despair (Bonus track available only on CD)

Limited Ed. CD  by Andromeda Relix 

Digital version by Heart of Steel Records

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NEWS: BLACK CAVE - The virus is there - DeFox Records/Heart Of Steel Records 2022


BLACK CAVE - The virus is there - DeFox Records/Heart Of Steel Records 2022

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records announce the second album of BLACK CAVE, a music project from Brazil. The album entitled "The virus is there" contains ten songs in vein into the primordial Heavy Metal of the Eighties, the roughest and wildest one, where Paulo Destroyyer sings in English and plays all the instruments.

The product will be launched on the digital market on March 15th and will be distributed in major stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Youtube Music and many others.

Paulo Destroyyer Maia is a singer and musician based in Petrópolis, a popular Brazilian tourist destination in the Rio de Janeiro region.

The visceral love for the wildest metal rock has led him in a recent past to play with Abomination Wide, a trio that made its worldwide debut in 2016 with Invincible Records, putting on the market the EP entitled "Hypocrites Must Die" containing five dedicated songs. to a ferocious thrash and death metal.

The BLACK CAVE art project sees Paulo Destroyyer playing all the instruments and introducing himself as an one man band. The sounds within this album are attributable to Heavy and recall the primordial frontal attacks of European metal band of the early 80's and in particular of NWOBHM.

The songs of "The virus is there" were recorded and finalized in Petropolis, a town near Rio thanks to the collaboration of some partners who supported Paulo in this artistic adventure, the Morozesk guitars and the Hs Stomp pedalboard. (soon on line)

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NEWS: XIPE TOTEC - TLAMIQUIH - DeFox Records/Invincible Records 2021


XIPE TOTEC "TLAMIQUIH” (DeFox Records/Invincible Records 2021)

The Prehispanic Death Metal duo has released a new album titled “Tlamiquih” (all things die), devastating Brutal Death Metal between ritual chants; memorable and devastating riffs accompanied by rainsticks, huehuetl, teponaztli and various flutes from ancient Mexico.
A mythical and cavernous trip to the past, recalling the Nahua culture and the mythology of the ancient gods of the Mexican pantheon, therefore the prehispanic instruments, the nahuatl language, archeology and Metal are some of the elements that you will find in this full length…
The album contains 10 songs and will be available worldwide on November 30, 2021 in the best stores iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Youtube ... and many others.

The band consists of Martin Martinez (Yatrogeny, Eclectic Spawn Miquian) who plays practically all instruments ... and Alejandro Camacho (Muknal, Cryptogeny, Mortal Plague) on vocals.

DeFox Records e INVINCIBLE RECORDS sono orgogliose di presentare il sesto album degli XIPE TOTEC, una delle band sudamericane più conosciute del panorama estremo mondiale!

Il nuovo lavoro si intitola “Tlamiquih” contiene 10 brani e il sound è un Brutal Technical Death Metal la cui particolarità è quella del cantato in lingua pre-ispanica, degli antichi Aztechi.
L'album sarà disponibile worldwide dal 30 di Novembre 2021 nei migliori stores iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Youtube ... e molti altri
La band è formata da Martin Martinez (Yatrogeny, Eclectic Spawn, Miquian, Consolamentum) che suona praticamente tutti gli strumenti ... e Alejandro Camacho (Muknal, Cryptogeny, Mortal Plague) alla voce.

Grande tecnica e  velocità come nei precedenti albums (Prehispanic Beg, Eztlacuani, In Moyocoyani, Miquian, Axomimitl) con un trademark che vede la band usare anche strumenti antichi come le percussioni "huehuetl" e il "jaguar flute".

QUEEN RECORDS annuncia la pubblicazione della discografia delle NUVOLE DI PAGLIA


DEFOX RECORDS e QUEEN RECORDS annunciano con orgoglio di aver raggiunto un accordo con la storica band del prog italiano dei 70's LE NUVOLE DI PAGLIA per la pubblicazione di due nuovi album e un singolo.

La prima release sarà un singolo intitolato "Mr Oliver" che conterra nella side A virtuale il brano "Mr Oliver" nella side B "Ombre svolazzanti" e come bonus "Love me so in the rain". L'artwork è tratto da un quandro dipinto negli anni 70 dallo stesso frontman Franco Maria Serena e composto, adattato graficamente da Stellaclone Design.

Le successive pubblicazioni saranno l'album cantato in inglese dal titolo "I'm numbering nine stars" e l'album cantato in italiano "E' un giorno caldo, triste e fiacco".

I prodotti saranno distribuiti in  240 paesi worldwide e in oltre 120 digital webstores, includendo colossi come Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Google Music, Apple Music ...Il singolo digitale sarà disponibile dal 15 di Maggio 2021.

Le Nuvole Di Paglia

Nascono nel 1971 da un idea di Franco Serena che conclusa la fortunata esperienza con i l gruppo beat "Ragazzi dai capelli verdi" assesta una formazione per proporsi con una musica all'avanguardia e di tendenza progressiva. La band produce un repertorio inedito dove la voce di Franco, carismatica ed imperiosa illumina un sound sicuramente non commerciale e dalle propensioni hard. Suonano dal vivo in tutto il nord Italia riscuotendo un discreto successo e interesse, che frutterà loro una collaborazione con Alberto Radius e la Numero 1 Records.

Nel 1973 viene registrato un concerto del gruppo tenutosi al "Maxi club" di Mestre, una testimonianza sonora, autentica perla per enciclopedisti e collezionisti. Eseguono una lunga suite di quasi 14 minuti dal titolo "strange road" un vero e proprio gioiello di pop progressive, dove arpeggi semielettrici determinano i toni ipnotici e Serena eclettico inventa una travolgente performance vocale.

La band si scioglierà nel 1975 senza raggiungere il debutto discografico. Questa registrazione verrà "riesumata" dopo vent'anni dalla "Mellow Records"che darà alle stampe il CD "Live 1973". 

Successivamente nell'estate del '94 i nostri reinterpreteranno i brani degli anni'70 registrandoli con gli arrangiamenti e le parti originali dell'epoca e realizzeranno il CD intitolato "And then..." dove tra gli ospiti spicca la presenza di Aldo Tagliapietra delle Orme.

La splendida cover è opera di Franco che nei '70 fondeva la sua passione per la musica con la pittura, anche quì emergeva la creatività, poetica ed a volte surreale dell'artista padovano. Da ricordare che un brano delle Nuvole Di Paglia è stato incluso nel CD tributo ai gruppi degli anni'70 intitolato "Zarathustra's revenge"(coffanetto con 4 CD) eseguito dallo stesso Franco in versione acustica con archi.

Nella band durante il periodo iniziale si sono succeduti i seguenti musicisti;

Adolfo Baratto al basso ex Capsicum Red, Sandy Bonaiutto alla chitarra, Umberto Maschio alla batteria e Walter Bravi al basso.


- "Live 73" (Mellow MMP 145) 1992 CD

- "And then..." (Mellow MMP 219) 1994 il CD include libretto con testi di 72 pagine

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Invincible Records is excited to announce the second album of CONSOLAMENTUM

DeFox Records and Invincible Records are excited to announce the second album of the dark doom metal band from Mexico CONSOLAMENTUM !

The album title “Vault Of Horror”, an Epic Doom Metal based on the old horror movies (Amicus prods, Hammer films), "Creepshow"... or recalling those classic series like "The Twiligh Zone" or "X files".

Those notes on the transverse flute and pipe organ, make a more peculiar, ancient and mysterious sound than in unison with the Doom  voice of Phillip Yepez (The Fury I Hide), produces a journey of time, a mix between old & new Doom Metal.  The Lee Dorrian style comes to mind in some moments.

Tasters of Candlemass, Trouble, Blood Ceremony,  Cathedral, Pentagram, Altar Of Oblivion, from Mexico CONSOLAMENTUM arrives to bring us the longing and nostalgia of the old horror cinema of the 60's - 90's in a Doom Metal made for you to wear your hood and taste the sadness and those times ...

The release will be available on April 30th - 2021.

The digital album on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

Line up:

Martin Martinez, All instruments

Phillip Yepez, Vocals

track list:

01 A daugther for the devil

02 A good place to visit

03 A tale from the crypt

04 Asylum

05 Odissey of the flight

06 The death of Jordy Verril

07 The old boss Woodhead

08 Tooms

09 Twinds of evil

10 Vault of horror

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Heart Of Steel Records announce European and South American heavy metal project called HELLBONES

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the debut album of the biggest European and South American heavy metal project called HELLBONES.

The group was born thanks to the collaboration between Magnus Westman (singer of the Swedish group Mindfuel) and the Argentine producer and multi-instrumentalist Rafael Fidanza (Nordica, Tyrano). 

Joined the project; Claudio “Taka” Quesada (from Quesada/Fidanza) additional lead guitar, Patricio Molini (by Nordica) on keyboards, Beto Vazquez on bass guitar.

The album titled "Crossing Borders" contains ten powerful songs in the atmosphere of traditional Hard n Heavy Metal with pure energy and an impressive vocal line.

HELLBONES is influenced by European legends of the old school genre, in fact the great screamer Ralph Scheepers, already with Primal Fear and former Gamma Ray and Tyran' Pace, is also involved in the role of special guest. It doesn’t get better than this if you are a lover of Heavy Metal Rock.

The release will be published on March 15th - 2021.

The digital album is available on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

Band members:

Magnus Westman: Lead Vocals & Backing Vocals

Rafael Fidanza: Guitars, Lead Guitars, Bass and Keyboards

Guest Musicians:

Ralf Scheepers: Vocals and backing vocals

Beto Vazquez: Bass guitar 

Claudio "Taka" Quesada: additional Lead guitars 

Patricio Molini: Keyboards 

Tracklist and info:

01) Fool to believe

02) Promises we made

03) When night falls

04) In my dreams

05) Gods disciple

06) Flashes of memory

07) Apocalypse

08) Angel or demon

09) House on the hill

10) Beautiful mountains

Recorded at Heaven and Hell Studio, Cipolletti, Patagonia, Argentina

Produced by: Magnus Westman and Rafael Fidanza

Special guest appearance: Ralf Scheepers: Lead Vocals (duet) and backing vocals on "When Night Falls"

Beto Vazquez: Bass guitar on "Flashes Of Memory"

Claudio "Taka" Quesada: additional Lead guitars on "Promises We Made", "When Night Falls" and "Apocalypse"

Patricio Molini: Keyboards on "Fool To Believe" and "Promises We Made"

Artwork by Alvaro Sicardi and Gabriel Outeda (Uruguay)





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