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RECATTIVO Video campaign

RECATTIVO video campaign of "Senza respiro" official clip, now on Youtube, VV Tv,  Yourock Television, Break, Videobash, Vogue, Vidlist, Music Italiana, C-You TV, Buzznet and more !

RECATTIVO formed in Padova in 2011 and they are proud of playing rock "Made in Italy".

The release intitled "Recattivo", contains 14 tracks and NOW available in the digital market.

Recattivo band

Video on "Musicaitaliana"

RECATTIVO Official video


DEFOX RECORDS & HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are proud to announce the record deal with guitar wizard LUCA ZAMBERLIN.

The Luca Zamberlin featuring Atma Anur (David Bowie, Journey, Joe Satriani, Richie Kotzen, Tony MacAlpine, Greg Howe…) instrumental solo album “Mad for it” is released with nine songs, two written by Shaun Baxter, with Atma Anur on drums and percussions, Piero Trevisan on bass, Jurj Luisetto on cello and Steve Saluto guesting on one track. 
The work is produced and mastered by Carlo Zundo (who also plays guitar and bass on it), mixed by Claudio Zambenedetti at Imput Level studio.
The digital album will be available in mid March thru Defox Records.

Luca Zamberlin biography
In 1979 he starts taking  classical piano lessons.

In 1981 switches to guitar being influenced by the british-sound of the Sixties and Seventies. 
Starts practising day and night learning from the records.
His influences are classical baroque music, hard-rock, blues and he learns all the newest guitar techniques.

In 1984-1986 Luca starts playing in local bands getting experience and good reputation as a guitarist.
In 1987-1989 starts teaching both privately and in local music schools in Venice (Italy).

Moves to London (U.K.) in 1989 with Italian band “Aries” signing up a management deal with Simon Napier Bell (Wham, Asia, Yardbirds). With Aries he performs at the “Free Nelson Mandela Concert”.

Gets the audition for U.K. TOP HARD-ROCK BAND “Driveshaft” and signs with them a record deal with R.A.K. Records and a management deal with Mystery Music’s Ltd Brenda Brooker (Cozy Powell’s personal manager). With “Driveshaft” featuring legendary drummer Cozy Powell (Rainbow, Whitesnake, Black Sabbath), bass player Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath), keyboards player John Sinclair (Uriah Heep, Ozzy Osbourne, The Cult) and famous irish singer Gerry Lane, records a never released album (part of it can be heard on Cozy Powell “The drums are back”).
The band (featuring live Nicola Dal Bo on keys- Lisa Dominiques’irish drummer Mick “the hummer” Maher bassist Pete Gourdiller (Angelwitch) and the above mentioned Gerry Lane) plays and tours England (including the prestigious Club “Hippodrome” and “Astoria”) and Ireland. Unfortunately Driveshaft splits up due to musical differences.

In 1991 enrolls at the Guitar Institute studying with guitar Maestro Shaun Baxter.

Pic by Alex Ruffini

Since 1997 Luca keeps on perfecting his technique with Shaun Baxter studying other styles of music. Plays and records with Uk band Dog’s tooth violet (featuring famous 80’s punk-rock singer Honey Bane) getting excellent reviews in the USA as one of most promising rock guitarist. His solo written by Shaun Baxter is featured on the magazine “Guitar Techniques” and his name is put along side famous players like Zakk Wylde, Michael Lee Firkings and Steve Morse.

in 2006 does an instructional video called “Introducing country elements into metal playing” with the help of Shaun Baxter.
Starts working in London in various recording studios as session guitarist with: Leee John (Imagination), r’n’b singer Jocelyn Brown, Uk dance singers Alison Limerick and Juliet Roberts, Style Council, Octavio Sousa (Chick Corea, Imagination, Jocelyn Brown and latino singer Marc Anthony). Also he plays live and in various studios with Roberto Manzin, an exceptional musician, saxophone virtuoso, composer, producer and sound engineer.
Plays with Paul Snook (backing vocalist with Michael Bolton) at the prestigious jazz-café in Camden Town, London.
Goes to New York and collaborates with Chris Avigni (Moby, Pink, Kool and the Gang, Steve Lukether).

Pic by Alex Ruffini

In 2006 he moves back to Venice (Italy) where he’s busy gigging with the Luca Zamberlin Group and teaching both privately than in different prestigious schools.

Official Video on Youtube


Great reviews from the italian webzine called MONDO METAL! writen by Marcello Ferrau, 
our bands are; 
HARD DESIRE "...Un debutto di tutto rispetto che consiglio a tutti gli amanti del genere", read HERE

HELL'S THRASH HORSEMEN "Quattro tracce che pare andranno a far parte del prossimo terzo album del gruppo. Per gli amanti del thrash metal old school e i fan di Overkill, Metallica, Exodus, Death Angel e compagnia bella" 
read HERE

and NUCLEAR STRIKES "Un EP che si fa ascoltare piacevolmente e un gruppo che ha tutte le carte in regola per migliorare"
read HERE

PRASSEIN ALOGA review on prestigious magazine ROCK HERE

S.B.S. review on a great webzine METAL TEMPLE writen by Lior Stein...Read HERE

ALEX DE ROSSO album review on italian magazine METALLIZED, writen by Franco Leonetti...Read HERE


S.B.S. "...Heaven can wait" available NOW!

We want to inform that is now available in every biggest worldwide digital stores the albums of the legendary eastern Europe band SBS (Spicy bits of Scandal) history begins in the year 1979, in Lithuania. 

Their 4th album titled “Heaven can wait...” contain 15 songs (one of them will be accompanied by a string quintet) influenced of classic Heavy Metal. In the album there are some important special guests: the Virtuoso keyboardist Maestro Mistheria and Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rudi Pell, Rough Silk and many many more), are working with the keyboards. 

BUY Now or Die!!!

FEARLESS "Ancient Wisdom" available NOW!

We want to inform that is now available in every biggest worldwide digital stores the albums of Symphonic Heavy Metal band FEARLESS, great epic and orchestral phatos as a fantasy movie from Brazil!
The Ep cointain 4 songs in vein of Nightwish, Virgin Steele and Rhapsody of fire.

BUY Now or Die!!

The warriors of Metal called BRAVE

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are really happy to announce a collaboration with Stryke Management and the debut album of brazilian warriors BRAVE.

The band was formed in Sao Paulo early 1998, and the sound is a strong traditional Heavy Metal, in vein of cult heroes  as Exciter, Mercyful Fate, Accept, Virgin Steele... 
The long awaited debut "full length" entitled "The Last Battle" will be release in March 2013.

Brave are winner of two festivals in Brazil, as Fest Rock festival in the city of Itu-SP in 2002, among more than 30 bands of the same stage, and also in the year 2011 due to "Blackmore Rock Bar" Sao Paulo-SP with over 30 participating bands.
The band is acclaimed throughout South America and receives great reviews on music magazines such as Rock Brigade and Stryke Magazine.

Now on line the official video "The Last battle"!!

Current line up:
Luis Sunday-lead vocals
JICA Thor - guitars and backing vocals
Ricardo Carbonero - bass
Alexgrave Carlos - drums

Brave "The Last Battle" video on Youtube

Contact: Stryke Management HERE
Official site: HEART OF STEEL RECORDS Here

DeFox Records announce the debut album of TEZZA F

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are happy to announce a debut album of  TEZZA F oneman project of amazing italian singer and axemen, Filippo Tezza.

The album titled “The Message (...A Story Of Agony, Hope and Faith...)" contain 12 songs, inspired primarily by major bands of the worldwide melodic metal scene, including Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Stratovarius...

The releases will be available in every worldwide digital stores in 20th February 2013!

“Tezza F.” is a one-man-band that was founded in 2006 by Filippo Tezza (also mastermind of “Silence Oath”), who played in thrash/power metal underground band “Soul Guardian” (dissolved in 2012) as singer and guitarist.
Filippo, with this solo project, expresses his lasting passion for power metal, melodic metal and symphonic metal and so he can experiment sound solutions without any kind of limitation.
During 2006 and 2008, Filippo completed respectively the first and the second “Tezza F.” demo-album (“Fire Still Burns” and “Winter Of Souls”), recorded at home, without external help. 
Both albums showed a clear base of melodic power metal, with guitars, bass, keyboards and vocals played by Filippo (programming a drum-machine for the drums), with a long running time, but they were recorded in a poor way.
In 2007 Filippo also created his second solo creature: the symphonic black metal one-mand-band called “Silence Oath”.

During 2008 Filippo began the composition process for the next album, completed in 2011. 
It is a long concept-album in which Filippo tells a story, invented by himself: a tale touching personal and interior topics, with some autobiographical references inserted in a spiritual context. 
For this new record, Filippo decided to make things more seriously, so he called his friend Nicolò for recording the album.
The new record, after one year and a half of recording and mixing in the home studio of  Nicolò, was finally ready in June 2012. 
It is entitled “The Message (...A Story Of Agony, Hope and Faith...)” and it has got a higher sound, technique, songwriting and recording quality; all is more accurate than the past, also due to Nicolò’s help (who also recorded three guitar solos on the songs “Wings Of A Tragedy”, “This Shining Flame” and “Outside”). 

As usual, the drums are played by a drum-machine, properly programmed by Filippo; in the same way, also some orchestrations are programmed by him, giving a symphonic feature to the record.
In the four long years of gestation occurred to compose and record the new album, Filippo had meanwhile written and accumulated new material in power metal style, with various influences, destined for the “Tezza F.” project or for the now dissolved “Soul Guardian” band; this material probably will be used for a possible fourth album.

The music of “Tezza F.” is inspired primarily by major bands of the worldwide melodic metal scene, including Blind Guardian, Rhapsody of Fire, Gamma Ray, Helloween, Stratovarius, Manticora, Rage, Iced Earth, Edguy, Nightwish, Avantasia, Dream Theater. Instead the lyrics are very different, facing topics like spirituality, human feelings, the loss of a loved one (a topic especially faced in the last concept-album), love, war, modern society, hope. There are also epic and heroic lyrics, inspired by fantasy or history.


01. Quies Aeterna (Intro)
02. Wings Of A Tragedy
03. Fading Lightless
04. Caelorum Signa (Interlude)
05. Whisper Symphony
06. My Face In The Mirror
07. At The Dawn Of A New Day
08. This Shining Flame
09. Outside
10. In Nomine Patris (Interlude)
11. The Message
I – Truth Is Revealed
II –  The Voice (Redemption)
III –  Beneath This Rain
IV – The Eternal Embrace
12. Beyond The Gates Of Heaven (Outro)

ELIXIR "Unleash The Magic" video NOW on line!

Now on line The official lyric video for "Unleash The Magic" titletrack from ELIXIR's debut album 'Unleash The Magic'.

ELIXIR is a band from Uruguay and play amazing melodic prog metal!
Get your copy of "Unleash The Magic" South Americans CD version  click here

The european copy is really rare, printed in hand numbered limited edition, you can find some copies on EBAY, but the price is very high!! 
It's considered by a collectors a very rare gems!

Offcial label:
Official website:

ELIXIR Unleash The Magic (Video) from Youtube

WILD KITTEN' Interview and excellent review!

Excellent review published on international metal mag METAL TEMPLE, the journalist Steinmetal writed; 
"WILD KITTEN did up class those former efforts with the enchanting ballad of "Illusion", displaying a great vocal work by the sexy, Lee Aaron influenced, Eliz Foxy, probably one of her best outtakes throughout the list. 
 WILD KITTEN is mere simply band with a badass attitude, no trends, no special technical antics, no effects but only Rock N' Roll. 
Therefore nothing new to offer, but doing what they chose to do, is made finesse equally to what was produced decades ago. 
I would have worked on the production a bit more prior to releasing this album in order to sound moderately professional, but I guess that it is only the first stop of this train." 
Rate 8/10 
Read more HERE

Amazing interview of ELIZ FOXY with the Radio/Magazine OXIDO from Argentina! read the secrets of this great band! 


We want to inform that is now available in every biggest worldwide digital stores the albums of  THE legendary NWOBHM hero, STEWARTIE ADAMS and LYIN RAMPANT.

Stewartie Adams Alive'n'kick'n" is recorded live in London Marquee, gig in 1990, after the Lyin Rampant split-up.
The album including 9 songs from original tape.

Other release is a live gig of LYIN RAMPANT titled simply "LIVE  1985" and recorded at the BBC Maida Vale Studios in London, in 1985's famous Radio show called "Tommy Vance Friday Rock show".
Contain 4 songs with guitarist Eddie Trainer ex Heavy Pettin (Another legend from the NWOBHM).
It was not easy to clean up the sound (from oldest audio cassette), but it certainly will appeal to fans of rarity and Live bootlegs.