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We announce the another great project called EURO CHAMP France 2016

EURO CHAMP France 2016

After the great success achieved for the compilations dedicated to olympic games in London 2012 and the next Rio 2016, Artisti No Limits association and DEFOX RECORDS are proud to announce another Rock Music tribute to great sports event!
This operation it's an opportunity to combine the passion of football about The 2016 UEFA European Championship in France with the music, the Rock energy.
Hopefully the fun recalls good sportsmanship and fairplay.

The compilation with Rock bands called "EURO CHAMP France 2016" will be published in digital format in June 09.
Distribuited in all biggest worldwide music stores : iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

Artwork and photo by RRR Remi Real Rock.

The list of artists and bands will be revealed soon!

Check the Official FACEBOOK page HERE

Ragazzi dai capelli verdi and Nuvole di paglia reissue

Il noto cantante, produttore e promoter Franco Maria Serena, è orgoglioso di annunciare che a breve usciranno nel mercato discografico, grazie alla DeFox Records, diverse produzioni che lo vedono coinvolto, a partire da registrazioni risalenti agli anni 60 e 70 e rispettivamente de "I Ragazzi dai capelli Verdi" e "Le Nuvole di paglia".
Ma anche collection che portano a nuovo splendore brani e bands della famosa scena beat veneta del "Bacchiglione Beat"!

In questi giorni sarà pure disponibile il calendario da collezione edizione 2016 e numero 20 proprio dedicato al "Bacchiglione Beat" realizzato e ideato dallo stesso Franco.

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RELEASE: Nocturna A.D. - Time Fails Us (Heart Of Steel Records 2016)

Worldwide release available NOW!! The new single of iper metal band NOCTURNA A.D. LISTEN now!


Pagina BS

Nocturna A.D. Time Fails Us

Label Heart of Steel Records / Defox Records
UPC 3614598718338
© line DeFox Records
℗ line DeFox Records
Production Year 2016
Catalog Number DFX1611
Genre Rock - Hard Rock / Heavy Metal
Country Italy

Release Date 05/15/2016
Explicit content No
Duration 00:04:28
Price tier Low Digital 45

Public: 1.29€ / 1.29$ / 0.99£

RELEASE: Muireann June Cash - The way of love (Eur Records 2016)

Worldwide release available NOW!! The debut EP of great singer MUIREANN JUNE CASH! LISTEN now!

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Muireann June Cash The Way of Love

Label Eur Records / DeFox Records
UPC 3614598718451
© line DeFox Records
℗ line DeFox Records
Production Year 2016
Catalog Number DFX1610
Genre Pop - Folk
Country Italy/Australia

Release Date 05/15/2016
Explicit content No
Duration 00:18:06
Price tier Mini Album Two
Public: 4.49€ / 4.99$ / 3.49£

OLYMPIA the event in Vicenza, Italia in July 21

Sarà QuBi Gallery che ospiterà il Gran Galà di presentazione del progetto artistico "OLYMPIA The end of the Games".
L'Evento si svolgerà nelle sale della prestigiosa location del Palladio presso Palazzo Valmarana Braga in corso Fogazzaro 16 a Vicenza.

Si daranno appuntamento tutti i protagonisti coinvolti nel progetto, saranno presenti le label discografiche, la dirigenza di Sport Nazionale, gli artisti e le bands, sportivi ed atleti e tutti i media partners, giornalisti, radio e televisione.

Per l'occasione saranno regalate alcune copie del CD compilation realizzato dalla DeFox Records e Artisti No Limits.

La data ufficiale è il giovedì 21 Luglio dalle ore 17:00 alle 20:00

QuBi Gallery which will host the Gala presentation of the artistic project "OLYMPIA" The end of The Games ".
The event will take place in the halls of the prestigious location of Palladio at Palazzo Valmarana Braga in Vicenza corso Fogazzaro 16.

Will present the record label, the leadership of Sport Nazionale, artists and bands, sportsmen and athletes and all media partners, journalists, radio and television.

For the occasion will be distributed some copies of the CD compilation released by DeFox Records and Artisti No Limits.

The official date is

WE are proud to announce The debut EP of songwriter Muireann June Cash

DeFox Records and Eur Records are proud to announce The debut EP of songwriter Muireann June Cash titled "The way of love" with four songs, produced and arranged by Matteo Favretto (MisterMat) and distributed worldwide. 
The product will be launched in May 15 in all biggest digital stores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic and more

Muireann June Cash is a singer and songwriter, an artist who loves to confront a wide variety of sounds related to the ancestral rhythm of folk, blues and rock.
Her voice is mature, plays the guitar and violin and after several years of concert activity in Northern Italy and in Australia.


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Heart Of steel Records is proud to launch new single of Nocturna A.D.

DeFox Records and Heart Of steel Records are proud to launch The last song of Nocturna A.D. with Andrea Racco (Ralkeon), titled "Time fails Us". 
The Single will be available on major digital music channels from Sunday, May 15 and will be launched worldwide.

The Nocturna A.D.'s project was born in Turin in 1999 by guitarist and composer Davide Masuelli. The first compositions were trying to melt the dark ambient music of the Raison d'Etre with the Gothic Rock sounds of the London After Midnight. The intention was to convey feelings and emotions even without using the voice.
The project has began as a trio formed by Davide and Massimo Cannoniero on rhythm and lead guitar and Luca Ramasso at the bass. The first job does not get the expected success because different points of view regarding music begin to rise. Therefore the members of the band start to take different paths. From Dark and Gothic style, to thrash metal style, Sodom, Slayer and early Metallica.
The compositional process does not stop and in 2008 Davide has his first 4 tracks finished.

The heavier style, from the first compositions requires a singing part, and the meeting with musician and sound engineer Andreas Polito owner of ROCK LAB in Turin, known for his work with artists such as Marco Minnemann (Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson Paul Gilbert etc..), Fabio Lione (Rhapsody, Vision Divine, Kamelot, Angra etc.), John Macaluso (Symphony X, James La Brie, Yngwie Malmsteen, etc.), Ricardo Confessors (Angra Shaman, etc.) marks the beginning of a new project page.
From that moment Davide dedicates himself exclusively to the song's composition while Andreas will ensure the preparation of vocals recording, masterfully performed by Andrea Racco (Ralkeon). Singer of the Opening Scenery and recently of the Etherna, the band's keyboardist Alessio Lucatti of theVision Divine. The lyrics are headed by Luca Ramasso.
Everything comes to life in 2010 with a project that includes 4 tracks called “Where the Shadows Stalk”.
The enthusiasm for the consents received, leads Davide to compose 5 more songs to rely again on Luca for the lyrics' writing. This time the need to give a professional touch in this new work brings Davide to exploit the abilities of the multi-instrumentalist Andreas Polito for the execution of the parts as guitar and bass and programmer for the drums and keyboards. Giving him the task of sound engineer and producer of the vocal lines, this time performed by Ralkeon.

In 2012, they released their second demo called "Mother". In this work we find the styles and influences from the beginning, in fact the sound and atmosphere are more gloomy and melancholy, with hints of electronic music and rock is 'less aggressive and more' melodic.
Special guest John Macaluso, drummer of international renown, now in Symphony X, known for his work with artists such as Yngwie J. Malmsteen and James LaBrie (Canadian singer best known for his role as lead singer of Dream Theater). In the songs "Mother" and "Along the Road" Macaluso worked on their submission giving a personal interpretation.
This work is well welcomed and received very good reviews both for the composition part and music.
In April 2014, for legal reasons, the original name is changed from Nocturne to Nocturna A.D.
The first two Ep, however, retain the original name.
The composition of the songs from the new album "Run Through Hell" of 2014 collects old song of the period 1999-2001. "Nothing to be everything" and "A new power" deepen the trademark thrash of the project, "Marionette" stretches in fact a bridge between Gothic Rock (London After Midnight) and the Italian Progressive Rock (Goblin), then moved toward atmospheres decidedly more Hard Rock, as in the case of "Subliminal Messages" and "Anger lives in the Decay".

In 2015 the group decided to experiment with a cover as a matter of affection, because Sepultura have left an indelible mark in the writing of the songs of the band, and with this piece we tried to do them homage. The comparisons are inevitable but he honored this group is a matter of pride. In particular, "Territory" because the text, even though it was written in 1993, is well suited to the political situation that you are living in this time.
It 'a journey into the third world oppressed, exploited and terribly miserable and Sepultura have caught so well the peculiarities that have churned out as monumental album Chaos AD, but the thing that scares you that despite the years pass, the screams and lyrics by Max on those disks unforgettable are still terribly current and concrete.

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