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XIPE TOTEC now available on digital market!!

We want to inform that is now available in every biggest digital stores the third album of mexican death metallers XIPE TOTEC!
Xipe Totec is a Mexican band formed in 1996. 
The latest album titled “In Moyocoyani”, the title makes allusion to the god Ometeolt, also known as Tezcatlipoca. 
The sound on this album has matured considerably. Once again, lyrics written in ancient Aztec language can be found here, as well as pre-Hispanic instrumentation in all songs.

ITmYOUsic italian video channel

We are pleased to announce the deal with ITmYOUsic, is a video channel with over 3.000.000 views. 
All our production will be appear with a video (with static image). 

Abbiamo il piacere di annunciare che abbiamo siglato un accordo con la piattaforma ITmYOUsic, un canale di video musicali italiano, suddiviso in playlist per genere.

E' un canale con un bacino di utenza superiore a 3.000.000 di visite. 

 Questo è il link del canale ITmYOUsic : CLICK HERE

NUCLEAR STRIKES Preview audio player

We want to inform that is now available in every biggest digital stores the debut album of malaysian Heavy Metal rockers NUCLEAR STRIKES, they launched their first official album an Ep entitled "Megastorm Eyes" with a excellet mix from 80´s Classic Heavy Metal and Melodic Hard Rock. 
you can listen the preview here.

Nuclear Strikes on Metro Newspaper, 4,8 Milions readers

We are very happy to announce that NUCLEAR STRIKES appeared in Celebrity article on biggest Malaysian newspaper called  METRO, with over 4,8 Millions readers!!

- METRO 21st October 2012

"Community perception of loud music or 'heavy metal' very negative. Many parents think that such music is not only corrupt the morals of young people, also say the cause of social ills.
Especially with the appearance of most of the avid followers of this genre long hair and sometimes wear trousers in tatters, they could stain and unmanageable. However, the statement denied the Nuclear Strikes (NS) consisting of Ladyana Steelgirl as vocalist, Rex Killer (guitar), 1.2 Kill (guitar), Thunderbolt (bass) and Iron Speed (drums). For those perceptions were supposed to be non-existent because the music is not to be influence a person to be evil. They have to defend heavy metal music is not dirty as claimed.

"We regret that the negative things associated with heavy metal music lovers. Actually individuals themselves who need to know boundaries. Not have to be an aggressive just because of the music.
"Why must I be putting the blame on the music? Undoubtedly the emotional influence of music but we are blessed to be able to think common sense rational, "says Rex.

Eight years of fighting hard tunes, in the end all their efforts bear fruit. Known as a musicians 'underground', their desire to appear not as wanted in line with mainstream singer. Their presence just want to share the joy when a 'band' first signing of a contract with an international record company.
"We signed a contract with Defox Records for 10 years. The company is responsible for distributing and promoting our album.

"We hope that with the signing of this contract, we can pave the way for other bands to jointly create a name abroad.
"Although there are still many do not even know the existence of the Nuclear Strikes, it does not make us sad. Our goal is not going to compete, just wanted to share the success and joy for successfully introducing Malaysia, "said Rex.

By injecting elements of rock, hard rock and a little trash, this group still retains the limelight for heavy metal tunes the 1980s.
A 'trademark' to NS, they still maintain that analog sound waves generated music as it was when first introduced in Malaysia.
When carries the name of the country to the international level, they will inject a bit of noise that highlight their identity as a son of Malaysia.

Cool no matter where they lead the music, criticisms and never gave hurled. Block faced with challenges, NS abide by it.
"The curse, abuse and all negative comments are part and parcel. At first it felt as we expect the support and words of the spirit, not the criticism that kill.
"But we are relatives. Thank you for all the curse because that's the inspiration to prove at all that we can be successful.

"All the criticism we received to improve the way we bring this music. If not because of the criticism, we would not have been at its current levels, "said Ladyana who also expressed a sense of pride when their band was appointed ambassador of Eastern Bobber motorcycle brand."

Read the full article HERE


DEFOX RECORDS and INVINCIBLE RECORDS are excited to annunce the debut EP of russian band HELL'S THRASH HORSEMEN, in vein of Old Thrash Metal sound.

HELL’S THRASH HORSEMEN was formed back in 2007, in Smolensk, Russia, by guitarist Nick Komshukov.
In September 2008 proceeded to recording their debut album, “…Till Violence”, which included 7 tracks .
The first album was released on 19 March 2009 under Always At Records label.
 A series of gigs was done then in Smolensk and some other Russian cities, which were introducing a new live set, consisted of both tracks from album and brand new songs never played before. 
Since December 2009, the band began working on the new songs recorded for the full-size studio album “Going Sane”. 
This album was released on 06 June 2010, followed by a tour in some few Russian cities.

There was a series of gigs throughout the fall / winter season of 2010 / 2011. 
During one of these gigs, HTH played warm-up for German band CONTRADICTION. End 2010 – beginning of 2011 was marked by reissuing of the band’s debut album “…TILL VIOLENCE” on the Brazilian label HOLOCOUST Prod. That album’s been produced as a split together with the Brazilian thrash band, RATTLE, and was named PAIN IS INEVITABLE. In spring 2011, the band received an offer from the Malaysian label to record a cover version of the Malaysian band SILENT DEATH. This offer has been gladly accepted, and right off in May a cover version of “MORBID MASSACRE” has been already done. 
Meanwhile, the band has been staging gigs all the time, finally appeared on stage in late August at one of the major international annual music event, METAL CROWD FEST, that traditionally takes place in Rechitsa, Belarus, staging together with BATTLELORE and CATAMENIA.
In fall 2011, the band began working on a 4-song record at a studio, which will be included in the band’s 3rd album. 

Track list:
01. Im Reich Des Chaos
02. Servants Of The People
03. Lifetime Delusion
04. Minds Collide

Alexander Ivanov - Vocals
Nick Komshukov - guitars
Stas Salnikov - bass
Fedor Masuev - drums

Video from Youtube


The great DeFox Records albums reviewed on ROCK METAL ESSENCE.

Very special thanks to Iacopo Mezzano and all staff for collaboration.

AWRIZIS EP, read the full article HERE

PRASSEIN ALOGA Album read the full article HERE

ELIXIR Album read the full article HERE

GROTESQUE ORCHESTRA Album read the full article HERE

MAIEUTICA Album read the full article HERE

KILLER KLOWNS Latin America assault!!

KILLER KLOWNS Latin America assault!!
The most important rock journalist in USA and Latin America, Lucas H. Gordon writed a great review!
He has published his article in the most important magazines of the Latin world, like MUNDO ROCK in Colombia, METAL FOX in Argentina, SUBTERRANEO AMERICAL in Nicaragua, ROCK EN CUBA in Cuba and Spain, CANEDO ROCK and EL PORTAL DEL METAL!

The album really liked him and he decided to promote Killer Klowns in every magazine, where he collaborates.
The band is promoting "Rollercoaster ride" throughout Brazil with concerts and participation in festivals, enjoying a huge success!.

KILLER KLOWNS Live on stage!

Official FB profile HERE

MAIEUTICA, The British invasion!

We are very happy to announce that the MAIEUTICA's song titled "Synaesthetic Is Your Appearance" will be put in a CD sample in attached of biggest melodic rock magazine in the world, based in UK called FIREWORKS. 
The CD will appear in the issue number 55 and printed in 15.000 copies!

The famous journalist Nicky Baldrian was happy to include the song in Fireworks compilation CD!

This is the day of signing the contract with DeFox Records!

Official Maieutica site : HERE

EISEN DRAGON on Eurockerz and preview songs!

Great announce of mexican death metallers EISEN DRAGON on Eurockerz webzine.
The album titled "Tears of a warrior" published by Invicible Records is now available in all biggest digital stores, like ITunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer...
you can listen the preview here!

You can read the full article Here

ADDICTION FOR DESTRUCTION now available in digital market!

We want to inform that is now available in every biggest digital stores the debut album of  russian glam sleazy rockers ADDICTION FOR DESTRUCTION, you can listen the preview here.
Addiction For Destruction is a sleaze/hard rock band from Moscow that was formed by musicians of different local punk and metal bands in June 2010. Influenced by Guns N' Roses, Backyard Babies and Motley Crue, they made a perfect cocktail using the best rock-n-roll ingredients.
Album in CD format is now available from R.W.A. Music Company send request Here

HARD DESIRE now available on digital market!

We want to inform that is now available in every biggest digital stores the debut album of  brazialian hard rockers HARD DESIRE, you can listen the preview here.
The video announced will be available very soon!!

GLITTER MAGIC and Japan promotion

We are happy to announce the Glitter Magic promotion on japanese BREATH-FRESHER Webzine.
We want write a salute and thanks to our friends Fuchsia Doki (general manager) for a great support and collaboration!!
Breath-Freaher is a really important media in Japan, Fuchsia work on the Japanese radio program ROCK OR DIE Monthly for Hard rock/Heavy metal at COAST-FM.

You can read the full article Here


Heart Of Steel Records presents the new Heavy Metal Sensation called NUCLER STRIKES

DEFOX RECORDS, MadRatts Production and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are proud to annunce the digital deal with NUCLEAR STRIKES, a female fronted heavy metal from Malaysia, they launched their first official album an Ep entitled "Megastorm Eyes" with a excellet mix from 80´s Classic Heavy Metal and Melodic Hard Rock.

This band was known as JACK HAMMER in its early existence.  
The band formed by Rex Killer and 1, 2 Kill (ex ANTACID) in 2005, plays heavy 80’s metal songs and tunes.

In certain songs, the band inserted some rock, hard rock and any other melodies and tunes to produce better.

They are influenced by cult traditional heavy metal bands both from Malaysia and other countries, for instance,RIOT, ACCEPT, DIO, JUDAS PRIEST, LEE AARON, 220 VOLT, EUROPE, DEMON, FIFTH ANGEL and many more. 
Throughout the years, they had performed at some places in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, such as Paul’s Place, MCPA Hall, KL Tower, One Café, Orange Club and more.
They also had performed in Malacca, Penang and the most recent show took place in Johor Bahru as the opening band for the Reunion Concert of the legend 80’s band, Bloodshed. 
They are planning to widen their knowledge and experience by performing and travelling the world.

The EP will be available in every worldwide digital stores early November 2012. 
The CD format is now available through MadRatts Production, you can write for info to :

"Megastorm Eyes" track list:
1.Megastorm Eyes
2.Last Savior
3.Memoir For Of Friend
4.Red Soldier
5.Terminal Danger
6.Memori Hidup(bonus Track)

Current line-up :
-Steelgirl Ladyana - Vocal 
-Rex Strike - Lead Guitar 
-1,2 Kill - 2nd Guitar 
-Thunderbolt - Bass 
-Iron Speed - Drum 

Nuclear Strikes live Monster of Rock on Youtube

Invincible Records presents ECLECTIC SPAWN

the third album of  ECLECTIC SPAWN, Melodic Technical Progressive Death Metal band, were founded in 2004 in Mexico City.

Eclectic Spawn is a Mexican Project formed in 2004 and led by Multi-instrumentalist Martin Martinez (Xipe Totec, Yatrogeny),the band publish their first release “Noosferic” in 2006 (Ablaze prods). 
Noosferic album is a conceptual album that consists of four long songs with their respective chapters, and the album covers the esoteric philosophy of the “fourth path”, which was written by Gurjdieff and Ouspensky.
In 2007 the band recorded their second album titled “Fractalis”, but has not yet been released by a record label. This is once again a conceptual album, and it concerns the old concepts of Greek philosophers. On this album, Aldo Krilin, Alejandro Melo (Sabacthani) and César del Aguila collaborated with vocals. Gonzalo Becerril and Jovany López Martinez did their part on synthesizers. Yet again, Martin Martinez played all the instruments.
The “Panspermia” album is a concept and concerns Ufology and the possible terrestrial life brought by intelligent life forms since remote times, proved by ancient Mesoamerican, Babylonian and African cultures.

Current band members:
Martin Martinez: guitars, bass and drums.
Jovany López Martínez: synthesizers.
César del Aguila: vocals.

1 .- Annunaki
2.- Raelians
3.- Dogon
5.- Hercolubus
7.- The Gospel of Judas
8.- Yaldabaoth