Heart Of Steel Records presents the new Heavy Metal Sensation called NUCLER STRIKES

DEFOX RECORDS, MadRatts Production and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are proud to annunce the digital deal with NUCLEAR STRIKES, a female fronted heavy metal from Malaysia, they launched their first official album an Ep entitled "Megastorm Eyes" with a excellet mix from 80´s Classic Heavy Metal and Melodic Hard Rock.

This band was known as JACK HAMMER in its early existence.  
The band formed by Rex Killer and 1, 2 Kill (ex ANTACID) in 2005, plays heavy 80’s metal songs and tunes.

In certain songs, the band inserted some rock, hard rock and any other melodies and tunes to produce better.

They are influenced by cult traditional heavy metal bands both from Malaysia and other countries, for instance,RIOT, ACCEPT, DIO, JUDAS PRIEST, LEE AARON, 220 VOLT, EUROPE, DEMON, FIFTH ANGEL and many more. 
Throughout the years, they had performed at some places in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, such as Paul’s Place, MCPA Hall, KL Tower, One Café, Orange Club and more.
They also had performed in Malacca, Penang and the most recent show took place in Johor Bahru as the opening band for the Reunion Concert of the legend 80’s band, Bloodshed. 
They are planning to widen their knowledge and experience by performing and travelling the world.

The EP will be available in every worldwide digital stores early November 2012. 
The CD format is now available through MadRatts Production, you can write for info to :

"Megastorm Eyes" track list:
1.Megastorm Eyes
2.Last Savior
3.Memoir For Of Friend
4.Red Soldier
5.Terminal Danger
6.Memori Hidup(bonus Track)

Current line-up :
-Steelgirl Ladyana - Vocal 
-Rex Strike - Lead Guitar 
-1,2 Kill - 2nd Guitar 
-Thunderbolt - Bass 
-Iron Speed - Drum 

Nuclear Strikes live Monster of Rock on Youtube

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