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Completa-Mente Records NEW Indipendent Music label division della DeFox Records.


Completa*Mente Records è una Indipendent Music label division della DeFox Records.

"Oggi più che mai abbiamo bisogno di usare la nostra creatività, uscire dai nostri modelli tradizionali di pensiero, immaginare e progettare un mondo futuro più responsabile, attenzione all'uomo e rispetto dell'ambiente.

Lo sviluppo personale avviene espandendo ogni esperienza sensoriale verso l'Universo. Il suono, la voce, il messaggio che risveglia in noi umanità e pace" (Mirko DeFox Galliazzo, Artisti No Limits president)

Completa*Mente Records is an Independent Music label division of DeFox Records.

"Today more than ever we need to use our creativity, move away from our traditional models of thought, imagine and plan a more responsible future world, attention to man and respect for the environment.

Personal development occurs by expanding every sensory experience towards the Universe. The sound, the voice, the message that awakens humanity and peace in us" (Mirko DeFox Galliazzo, Artisti No Limits president)

SACLAS New album now available - The Origin, According To Mainländer

SACLAS "The Origin, According To Mainländer" - Invincible Records/DeFox Records 2023

The legendary mastermind Martin Martinez, announces the second release of the new project called Saclas titled "The Origin, According To Mainländer" which will be released on October 10th, 2023, distributed worldwide through Invincible Records on digital market.

The new project of the Mexican multi-instrumentalist Martin Martinez (Xipe Totec, Yatrogeny, Consolamentum, Miquian, Eclectic Spawn), presents his new album titled: “THE ORIGIN, ACCORDING TO MAINLÄNDER”, between the riffs of an Old School Death Metal deep and ethereal melodies are heard transversal flute, even, in the midst of these small atmospheres, exude guitar solos based on Persian Scales, quite consistent with a direct Death Metal orchestrated under guttural voices that recall the german philosopher and poet Phillipp Mainländer (1841 - 1876), an album that is somehow, is a tribute to his work "PHILOSOPHY OF REDEMPTION", which maintains that the beginning of time and of Everything was the self-annihilation of God; being the universe, life, and consequently, ourselves, corpses of that Primordial Unit, which once, avidly preferred: Nothingness...

Track list:

1.- Everything ends in the grave (Intro)  

2.- His Death, Our Creation

3.- The Origin, According To Mainländer

4.- Utopian Ideal State

5.- From Miracle To Abomination

6.- Teleology Of Eradication

7.- Our Life, A Slow Agony

8.- Demon And Saint

9.- All That Is, Has Been

10.- Redeemer

11.- Perspective Towards Nothing

- Intro (Voice by Akizur).  “ Todos nuestros caminos terminan en la tumba”, Mainländer.

- Cover painting, all music, voice & instruments: Martin Martinez (

- Mix , Master, logo &  Art design by Adrián Barrios (

- Lyrics: excerpts from Mainländer's writings, summary by Martin Martinez.