DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are proud to announce a record deal with ELIXIR !

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are proud to announce a record deal with south american band called ELIXIR.

ELIXIR started back in 2010 with the idea to combine speed, strenght and melody in a unique sound. To achieve that came together: Brunno Navarro on vocals, Federico Fleitas on drums, Ignacio Fernandez on keyboards, Andres Duarte on bass, Marcos Garcia and Matias Artecona on guitars. 
At first the band was named Excelsior, but for legal problems had to change the name to Elixir.

The band debuted on August 28 along with Crepar and Boanerges (Argentina)
After two more presentations, which followed the very good response from the public, Elixir is invited to play alongside Dutch band Epica front of more than 3000 fans!
Immediately after that begun the pre-production on the first album. In the middle of pre-production, the band is again invited to play with Sonata Arctica.
In May of 2011 the band finished their first album.

UNLEASH THE MAGIC: Elixir's first album is the result of eight songs, which combines the most obvious influences of power metal, but always with a modern sound, fast and melodic parts, half-times song, powerfull riffs and symphonic orchestation. Recorded in Molecula Studio, by David Larrosa, mixed and masteredby Sebastian Vera Sound Works studios.

The release is scheduled for early 2012 in every biggest digital music stores!

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