Invincible Records announce the dark doom metal band from Mexico called CONSOLAMENTUM

DeFox Records and Invincible Records are thrilling to announce the dark doom metal band from Mexico called CONSOLAMENTUM their debut album it's entitled "Parfaite".
The release is published in November 15th - 2019.
The digital album available on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...YouTube Music also.

The multi-instrumentalist Martín Martínez arrives with a new project of Stoner Epic Doom Metal called CONSOLAMENTUM, consists of only 2 members, (Phillip Yepez in the voice and Martín Martínez in music ).

Consolamentum is a sacrament applied in the medieval heresy of the Cathars, the Perfect (Parfaite) gave absolution to the dying with the help of the Gospel of St. John and the laying on of hands in the hope that their sins will be forgiven. It was also applied to whoever was to enter Cathar asceticism.

One half of the album is Stoner Metal and the other could be Epic Doom Metal. The riffs are direct and very reminiscent of the old Black Sabbath, Pentagram, Cathedral, Candlemass, Altar Of Oblivion, Dawn, Pÿlon or Trouble.

Like many bands of Doom Metal, they use elements of Primitive Christianity combined with the imagery of affliction, pain, sorrow, death and the absurdity of existence. Influenced by thinkers like Cioran and above all the work of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer "The World as Will and Representation", where there is a possible escape from pain in redemption, the progressive annihilation of will to live, loneliness, art and asceticism. The meditations of a hermit monk, where only he sees in this world pessimism and despair, based on certain biblical passages, are the lyrical inspiration of Consolamentum

Line up:

Martin Martinez, All instruments
Phillip Yepez, Vocals

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