THE ROCK'N'ROLL KAMIKAZES new album is NOW available!!

We want to inform that is now available in every biggest worldwide digital stores the albums of THE ROCK'N'ROLL KAMIKAZES.

All Kinds Of People is the Rock'n'Roll Kamikazes' second album and somehow they've matured without losing any of the rock'n'roll. After the loss of sax player Guy Portoghese (Guy e Gli Specialisti/Gruppo Sanguinio) have come bouncing back with new recruit Eugenio Pritelli (Horrible Porno Stuntmen) and the first thing you notice is a more modern sound, while paying a healthy tribute to the mother of rock'n'roll-the blues-

The album is full big chewey guitar-riffs and melodies that follow you home on a dark night! Peppe DeGregoriis and Nicolò Fiore lay down a solid rhythm on which singer Andy Macfarlane hollers out his inner reflections on life-as-we-know-it while dueling with guitarist Eugenio Pritelli with highly dangerous 6-string firearms! 

It's got blues, it's got soul and a whole lot of rock'n'roll and the Kamikazes are sure your going to like it. This Divine Wind just keeps on blowin'!

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