Invincible Records presents DEAFLOCK from Japan

DEFOX RECORDS & INVINCIBLE RECORDS are proud to announce the record deal with the japanese Thrash Metal band called DEAFLOCK.

Deaflock is an old school thrash metal group formed in Nagoya in 2000, after the demo called simply "Deaflock" and the participation to a compilation "Earthquake A.G.M" the band  publish "Reality Of False Pasts",the first album of the group which was showing the old school attitude.

Now the band presents new album titled "Courage to expose all" that contains 9 songs in vein of furious Thrash'n'Death sound, fast and 
aggressive, listen the explosive riffs of Junichi, the earthquake's drums of Kazuhiro and the wild vocals of Koichiro.

The digital album will be available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Emusic, Music Nokia...and more, early May 2013 thru Invincible Records/Defox 

DEAFLOCK "Courage to expose all" tracklist:

1. Clash
2. The umpire of a daily crime
3. Nothing in my eyes
4. Rule over yourself
5. Lay hidden
6. Loneliness
7. Only one
8. Again...I'm here
9. Remove the mask

Band members:
Junichi Hayakawa, guitars
Koichiro Sugimoto, bass, vocals
Kazuhiro Fujimoto, drums

Official label site:

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