DEFOX RECORDS & INVINCIBLE RECORDS are excited to announce the record deal with the italian black symphonic project called SILENCE OATH.

“Silence Oath” is a one-man-band founded in 2007 by Filippo Tezza, guitarist and vocalist of the power/thrash metal band “Soul Guardian”, in activity from 2004 to 2012 in Verona’s underground scene. 
Filippo, lover of all kinds of metal, especially power and melodic metal, during that year (while he was also playing as singer in the prog-heavy metal band “Shards Of Fear”) decided to try to play a more extreme kind of metal; thus he founded this solo project (whose name, in the beginning, was simply “Oath”), initially devoted to an old-school death metal, with some mention of symphonic black metal. 
He composed and recorded at home, totally alone, guitar lines, bass lines, keyboards lines, drums (programmed by a drum machine) and vocals of the first demo-album, entitled “Cursed” (dated 2007), evidence of death-black metal, vaguely melodic in some tracks, with his (at that time) too immature growl vocals.

The following year, Filippo thought about writing the next album, but he made things more seriously: the style was refined, moving to a symphonic black metal music, with gothic and death metal influences, more technical and more atmospheric. 
He programmed again drum machine and some orchestrations; then he recorded the album more professionally, at home of the ex-lead guitarist of “Shards Of Fear” Nicolò, and, after trying in vain to find an available black metal singer, he decided to take care of the vocals (his growl voice was improved). At the end of 2009, due to homonymy with other bands, Filippo changed the monicker from “Oath” to the current “Silence Oath” and drew the new logo.
The new album, titled “Beneath A Bleeding Sky” was finally available in April 2010, after many vicissitudes and pauses during the recording-sessions. The album, recorded in the home-studio of Nicolò, was much more mature and symphonic then before, with nordic atmospheres and with many guitar riffs played in black metal style.
The lyrics of “Beneath A Bleeding Sky” were very dark, with no explicit references to policy or religion. 
Compared to the first album, the new lyrics were more mature and reflective, and the explicit lyrics were abandoned. In “Beneath A Bleeding Sky” there were also more introspective themes such as desolation, or moral rebirth of a child after the death of his father; however, all the lyrics were seen in a dark and pessimistic perspective.

Between April 2011 and June 2012, Filippo composed what will be the third full-length album, titled “The Abyss Of Conscience”, which is currently waiting to be recorded. 
Filippo announced that the new record will be more progressive and experimental, between symphonic black metal and avant-garde influences, with high length tracks; the songs will be more complex and structured than the past.
In the end of 2012, “Silence Oath” reaches a deal for the release of “Beneath A Bleeding Sky” in the digital market.

The album will be available in January 2013 in every good web-stores as Itunes, Amazon, EMusic, Deezer...

01 - The rite
02 - Uninvited presence
03 - I am the Legion
04 - Forgotten graves
05 - Queen of the dark secrets
06 - The circle
07 - A cursed omen
08 - Beneath a bleeding sky
09 - Beyond the shadows of the Winter

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