CinaOtiko and China’s Web Marketing Campaign

We are happy to announce that we have signed an agreement with the Chinese network called CINAOTIKO.
CinaOtiko offer a good Asia and China’s Web Marketing Campaign, Digital Distribution, Social Media, Blogs, Video sharing, Digital Marketing...

We want to promote our products and releases in all emerging countries.
Our company is looking for new markets and opportunities for their bands.

TODAY the largest market of music listeners in China remains stopped, now iTunes, Amazon & Spotify, are blocked by government, also the biggest Western social sites, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn... are blocked by the Chinese government.
China market have 1.07 billion mobile phone users, 800 million internet users, 400 million under age 30. China in actually set to overtake the U.S in smartphone sales this year 2012.

Alicate on SinaBlog 

Bad Luck Train on  IndieVox

For info visit the Official site : click HERE

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