NEROCROMO MUSIC is proud to presents the fourth album of melodic rock band GADARA.

NEROCROMO MUSIC is proud to presents the fourth album of melodic rock band GADARA.
The album is titled ‘At number 4’ and features 9 melodic Hard Rock songs with catchy power ballads.   
The digital release will be available in 2015, May 20th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

The band Gadara were formed in 1996 in the area of ??Nogara (and neighboring villages) - in the district of Verona - as a cover band of the Italian rock bands most in vogue at that time, from Timoria to Litfiba, from Vasco to Ligabue, Negrita etc ...

A few years later the most progressive influences start to play up and the tendency was to include songs of pioneers  artists of the 70’s genre in its repertoire; this beloved genre would also be found in their future work. Some reference names are PFM, Banco, Biglietto per l’inferno etc…
But the desire to get involved and to devote themselves to the composition of their own songs emerged from the very beginning and that was how  in the year 2000 the first self- produced demo entitled "Stanne fuori" was born.
In the following years, the band promoted those songs and began to experiment with new genres. Due also to internal changes of the band, that inevitably led to new musical inclinations, the musicality itself starts taking new shape and direction. They started to propose a "mixed"  repertoire of international songs, usually a rock and prog matrix,  experimenting and re arranging songs of all kinds, from song writing to pop, from country rock to hard rock.

There was always a need, however, to take a break from live activity so that in the following years more tasks in the recording studio could be created.
In the year 2004 they released the album "Verità e Amnesia" and in 2009 "Viaggiatori senza tempo". Although now the lineup of concerts was varied, in these two albums they choose to write more lyrics in Italian. These two albums have had some success with audiences and critics, leading the band to have the opportunity to introduce themselves at important events, get good reviews in the trade press (Guitars, Guitar Club etc ...) and on national newspapers.

Starting from the year 2011 to 2013, the band has found greater stability and had been busy with an intense live activity in clubs, beers festivals and many other music events. The genre of hard rock matrix, combined with the characteristics of the individual person, allowed them to stand out in a real tribute of the classics rock.
At the end of summer of 2013, after dozens of live performances and along with the request of their most appreciated public (the GadaraFamily), Gadara decided to stop and to write new songs.  
In December 2014 the new album "At number 4" was released.

This new album brings together, in 9 new songs, many of the characteristics of those “Gods of  rock” that the band has decided to pay homage to during their  lives in the past years. Unlike the previous work, tracks are both in Italian and in English; a new challenge to deal with and to get involved and try to compose in a different way from the one used so far.

The year 2015 started with live promotion of the new album in the theatres of the district and in some clubs.  To be highlighted is their participation in the event "Gala Cabaret" held at the Astra Theatre of San Giovanni Lupatoto (Verona), where they performed as "resident band" together with professional comedians from Italian television broadcasts, such as Colorado, Made in Sud and Italian's got talent.

Track-list : 
7.  IL TEMPO CHE HO (Reprise 2014)
9. STORYTELLER (unplugged version)

Gadara’s line-up:
Daniele Bertoli - lead vocals
Emanuele Malini - guitars and backing vocals
Francesco Piccoli - guitars and backing vocals
Luca Tessarini - drums and backing vocals
Mattia Ghirotti – bass

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