NEROCROMO Music announce new album of the italian rockers EX

Andromeda Relix and NEROCROMO Music are proud to announce the new album of the italian rockers EX, entitled “CEMENTO ARMATO”.

The band was formed in Verona early 1997, by the singer Roberto Mancini and the guitarist Stefano Pisani (Spitfire, Exile, X-Hero), the bass player Gabriele “Ago” Agostinelli and the youngest Yari Borin at drums added later.
“Cemento Armato” contains 11 songs in vein of classic Hard Rock with sung in italian, will be available worldwide on February 25, 2015 through Andromeda Relix for the CD format and Nerocromo that distribuite on digital market.
Al song are co-produced with Fabio Serra and mastered by Black Dog Studio, Tampa, (Florida USA) with special guest on vocals Giacomo Gigantelli from cult metal heroes Spitfire.

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