Message from LUCA ZAMBERLIN about new album!

Message from LUCA ZAMBERLIN about new album!

"There has been a slight delay in the release of Luca Zamberlin's latest album"High Dosage"...but you know good things come to the ones who wait...the Ep is sounding better and better... the more i listened to the rough mixes the more i dig the work.  
Really you can't go wrong having Alex De rosso in charge of recording,mixing and mastering the Ep, plus, adding the cherry to the cake, we've got Atma Anur and Alex Masi on a very mellow, calm and different song doing what they do best: play to kill...Seriously the pair with Luca playing a Marting is just the perfect recipe ...Luca, after been linked to the Masotti family and Frog-cables delivers without overplaying but focusing on vibrato,phrasing,tone...and really you can tell he did the right move in choosing the masotti skill30 (video coming up soon)with Frog cables and power supply(video coming up soon also).

There's a version of Jeff Beck's "led boots "and  one of Jimi Hendix "machine gun"that really are proper "old school jam", nothing is written down, it's all improvised with very little editing trying to keep the whole thing as fresh as possible using today's sound'n'technology but recording it the way the 60s and 70s records were made, keeping that spare of the moment thing going, that first take solo,even if not perfect and so on...On "white caprice" featuring a killer solo by Michael T. Ross we're into neoclassical mood. 
This is the only song written down note per note apart from the solo...more or less. Michael's solo pays tribute to Don Airey and God, he does it so well I keep listening back to it...Finally i can guarantee you there will be some shows in september with Atma on skins and hopefully Alex Masi on gtr and Michael T. Ross on keys....for now here's a little clip made by Atma Anur for the song "Time is our Enemy".                                                  
Cheers and stay tuned here or on the Luca Zamberlin official.

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