PRASSEIN ALOGA sign with Heart Of Steel Records

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are very pleased announce the deal with the classic Heavy Metal band from Greece, called PRASSEIN ALOGA!!
The album is titled "Midas touch" and contains two songs with the vocal performance of the great PAUL DI ANNO!!

Release date December 2011 also available as Digital stores.

The band was formed back in 1995 and made an immediate success to the Greek audience with its hard sound and the use off Greek language on the lyrics. 
The first album ("Vasisou pano sou", meaning "count on yourself") was relatively the lightest and made its way to almost all the commercial radio charts in Greece. Despite their label's inducements to continue like this, the band's sound grew harder, much too hard for the 
musical taste of Greek commercial radio djs. So from the third album and on, the band collaborated with varrius independent domestic labels, keeping an underground profile. 

The biggest moments in the band's career were the collaboration with Paul Di'anno (performing as his band for two Greek tours, 2008 and 2010), opening for Scorpions in Chania 2009 and drummer's collaboration with Uli Jon Roth for a gig in Thessaloniki. 

The highlight for the band is the new recording for 2011 featuring Paul Di'anno on two tracks. 
Given this marvelous opportunity the band decides to make the whole album in English for the first time, even though that thought was in mind for a long time. The upcoming release is entitled "Midas Touch" 

1998: Vasisou pano sou (count on yourself) Virgin records 
1999: O ehthros mou (enemy of mine) Virgin records 
2002: Thelo na sou miliso (I want to talk to you) Plus rec. 
2007: "4" Ano kato records 
2009: Enas yperohos cosmos (a wonderful world) Recorded as a demo in the band's studio, distributed by the band. 
2010: Prassein Aloga 1995-2010. A documentary DVD distributed by the band 
2011: Midas touch. (Heart Of Steel Records 2011)

The band signed with "Heart of Steel Records" in October 2011 , an italian label associated with DEFOX RECORDS/A.N.L., mastermind by Mirko De Fox Galliazzo.

GREAT production with a Full-Color  pages booklet 

An album for all who love Melodic Classic Heavy Metal at its best!!!

Angello,  Vocals
Elias, guitar
Anthimos Manti, guitar
Kostas, bass
George Arthur, keyboards
Tasos, drums

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