Mirko Defox Discography

Mirko Defox Discography

Mirko is well known in the international rock scene as a singer of one of the seminal bands of the Italian early movement, called Axe Hero first and then X-Hero. He has created many other artistic projects where he sings and writes the lyrics of songs such as Frenetica, Blondiefox, Manitoba, Father Hollow Graham and PC-Newton.


✅1987 "X-Hero" album LP vinyl version (Fly By Night)

1988 "X-Hero" album CD and Cassette version (Fly By Night)

1994 "Underground Symphony" AA.VV. with "The sign of sacred cross" (Underground Symphony)

1995 "Area Sismica vol.1" AA.VV. with "Rise of the curtain" (A.M.Songs & Music)

2007 "X-Hero" album CD reissue + bonus tracks 
(Heart Of Steel Records/DeFox Records)

2010 "Damnation's Underground" EP 7inch vinyl and CD version (Heart Of Steel/Emmeciesse)

2014 "X-Hero" digital album version (Heart Of Steel Records/DeFox Records)

2017 "Cosmic Virgin" digital single (Heart Of Steel Records/DeFox Records)

2018 "All Universe" digital EP (Heart Of Steel Records/DeFox Records)

2018 "X-Hero" Nufaco digital card (Heart Of Steel Records/DeFox Records)


1997 "Agua" album CD (Mellow Records)

1997 "Zarathustra's Revenge" AA.VV. with Balletto di Bronzo's song "Neve Calda" (Mellow Records)

2011 I giorni di ieri" original soundtrack DVD and vinyl format with "Che te" with Cosmo Saint name (Biplano film)

2019 "Il triste canto dell'uomo bianco" digital album (DeFox Records)

2019 "Senza Universo" digital album (DeFox Records)


1995 "Area Sismica vol.1" AA.VV. with "Concetto sconfinato" (A.M.Songs & Music)

1996 "Area Sismica vol.2" AA.VV. with "Colpevole io" (A.M.Songs & Music)


2001 "Area Sismica vol.3" AA.VV. with "stellaclone"


Father Hollow Graham

2015 "FHG" digital single (Nerocromo Music)

2020 "Elliptica" digital single (Eur Records)


2014 "Luminescence" digital single (DeFox Records)


2017 "Uncut" digital single (Eur Records/DeFox Records)

2018 "Abyss" digital single (Eur Records/DeFox Records)

2019 "Now last time" digital single (Eur Records/DeFox Records)

2020 "Run to the world of imagination" digital single (Eur Records/DeFox Records)

2020 "Fuck the virus" digital single (Eur Records/DeFox Records)

2020 "Out of sight" EP (3 songs) (Eur Records/DeFox Records) 

✅2021 "Intrestella Generation" EP (3 songs) (Eur Records/DeFox Records


1995 "I want burn alone" Whiteskull (Underground Symphony) Mirko at choir

2011 "WWW" Paul & Electronics (Emmeciesse Music Pub.) Mirko sing "In the end"

2015 "Life & Faith" Paul & Electronics (Nerocromo Music) Mirko sing "Sun" and "Take it"

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