DeFox Records presents: Great Epic Metal from FEARLESS

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are happy to announce the EP of Symphonic Heavy Metal band FEARLESS, great epic and orchestral phatos as a fantasy movie from Brazil!
the Ep cointain 4 songs in vein of Nightwish, Virgin Steele and Rhapsody of fire.
The releases will be available in every worldwide digital stores in February 15.

With great virtue and power FEARLESS defines its own music. 
Unveiling ancient and forgotten mid-eastern wisdom and folklore, the storytelling is unfolded in the minds of Davi Vasconcelos (guitarist, co-producer) and Daniel Vasconcelos (vocalist, co-producer). 

Rich melodies, epic choirs and orchestras, are altogether blended with heavy metal in a theatrical feeling by Alex Sottani (keyboards), Gabriel Belozi (guitars), Giovanni Rezende (drums) and Pedro Farinazzo (bass). 
Since its founding in 2010 FEARLESS has achieved its position in the musical scene. 
With songs like "Prayer Of The King" being highly acclaimed by the public and media, the band now works on its very anticipated full-length album.

Prayer of the King video from Youtube

FEARLESS Facebook page HERE
Heart Of steel Records site HERE

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