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Heart Of Steel Records is proud to announce the amazing brazilian guitar player Ricky de Camargo

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the debut album titled "Origins" of amazing brazilian guitar player Ricky de Camargo.
The release date to be announced soon and the digital album will be launched on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...

"Origins" is an album that Ricky want to put his feelings into it. It's not a crazy guitar solo album with million note for second, but an album that mix of heavy side at the begin and moving to a lighter side of his guitar playing. It's an album that you can hear without effort cause isn't just crazy instrumental stuffs, but has nice melodies here and there who tries to give you some moments of thinking about whats going on, but also gives you moments of just relaxation and peace.

Song by song:

01 - Stand Your Ground
The concept behind Stand Your Ground is mantain your position, focus and belief. No matter the adversity life brings to you.

02 - Three Days
When I wrote ''Three Days'' I was playing a video game called ''The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask'' where the hero ''Link'' has only Three Days to save the world from a catastrophic Moon Fall.

03 - Black Materia
This a song that I wrote many years ago when I used to play with some friends in a little church in my hometown in Sorocaba, Brazil. We wanted to have a dark and heavy instrumental song. So I came home after our rehearsal and created this song after many hours looking for nice tappings and harmony parts. When I finished the process was late night.

04 - Origins
''Origins'' is song that I wrote last year. I was looking for some instrumental smooth rock type of song. In this tune we had the privilege of have an amazing Brazilian guitar player called Alex Martinho perfoming a very beautiful guitar part. Thanks Alex. You Rock man !

05 - Believe
Everybody I think had a moment in life when everything is not the best or had some troubles and the confidence goes down. I had this kind of problems too. And this song is about don't give up. Cause the life is greater than our problems. So we must carry on.

06 - Digital Fusion
''Digital Fusion'' is a song that I recorded just very quickly. I grab the guitar and play the most crazy solo I can improvise over this harmony. After I had recorded the solo and listened I just have no doubt that there's is a fusion cool kind of sound that I want to have in the album.

07 - Blue Sky
When I started to write ''Blue Sky'' was a beautiful lovely day in my city. Nice weather, a cool autumn breeze. And the sky was incredibly blue. So I took this nice harmony that I already have and started to record. Very cool day !

08 - Toupeira's Paradise
When I was a kid. I had this fun nickname which is ''Toupeira''. What means MOLE in english. I always liked this nickname cause sounds funny ! So when I'm playing my guitar is like i have been in a paradise. The ''Toupeira's Paradise''

09 - Whispering
Imagine that you are playing your guitar or whatever instrument you like in front of a beautiful and calm river surrounded by little birds and a warm wind. That's the inspiration for this song.

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DeFox Records join force with Steel Metal Press Agency

DeFox Records and all labels are proud to announce the partnership with a important Music Agency based in San Paulo (Brazil).
STEEL METAL PRESS Agency is directed by the well-known Heavy Metal singer and producer Luis Carlos Domingos (Brave and Krull) and works as Management, Booking, Press & Promotion in Brazil and South America.
Partnership designed to deliver a compelling new way for artists and musicians to establish connections with fans, media and labels around the world.

Heart Of Steel Records is proud to announce the debut album of Heavy Metal band SCYTHER

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the debut album of Heavy Metal band SCYTHER titled "Blinded".
The release date to be announced soon and the digital album will be launched on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Tidal, Shazam...

Scyther is a five-piece, featuring Elia Salvel - vocals , Samuele Salvel - bass , Giovanni de Fazio - guitars, Michele "Mich" Camerotto - guitars , Riccardo "Fanti" Fantinel - drums , was formed in Italy in 2013 and have their roots in traditional Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal.
2018 was a significant year for the band, has seen a worldwide record deal announced with DeFox Records, they won important prize as the RockItaly Award and the Accademia Music Awards .
Scyther will be taking ‘Blinded’ on tour this summer, hitting the stages of some of the important independent italian festivals.

The digital album track list:
1 – Chain Reaction
2 – Discrimination
3 – Where Is Justice
4 – Remember Who You Are
5 – Path to the Sky
6 – Dreams of Power and Glory

Album  "Blinded" CD version, available through the band FB page!

Recorded at : Shiintu Studio, Concordia Sagittaria (VE) by Elia De Toni and Andrea “Ajeje” Meneghello
Mastered by : Francesco Marzona
Photo courtesy by : Giulia Boer

Band Contact:  soon on line

Label contact:

Press Bureau contact:

DeFox Records and Eur Records are proud to announce the return of PAUL & Electronics with a new single

DeFox Records and Eur Records are proud to announce the return of PAUL & Electronics with a single titled "Ethereal" Feat. Irene Brigitte, that will be available on the digital market from May 31th, 2018 in all the best webstores,  iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, Shazam......and many more.

Ethereal is a song written almost by chance to complete a path started at the end of 2015 with the use of synths of the latest generation.
Paolo Electron had to find an expressive, warm and particular voice for an oneiric dreamy song like Ethereal. Thanks to the sound engineer Nik Freego with whom Paolo Electron has been collaborating for over 10 years, he met the brilliant singer Irene Brigitte.
Irene Brigitte, coming from very different experiences ranging from folk to baroque music, was able to capture with extreme delicacy the message and the evocative sound of Ethereal, enriching with skill and professionalism the electronic and ambient sounds of the piece.
The elaboration and modulation of Irene Brigitte's voice make the song charming and captivating.

Paolo Electron plans to continue to collaborate with Irene Brigitte as he believes it will be stimulating for both of them by producing positive feelings for an attentive listener.
The piece describes the positive and cathartic effect of the flute sound that heals all suffering and offers the possibility of redemption and a better life.

Artist Fb:
Label site:
Press Office:

Artwork and graphic design by RRR Remi Real Rock

X-HERO All Universe EP con Heart Of Steel Records

Mirko DeFox e gli X-HERO per celebrare il 30° dall'uscita del debut album, datato 1987, pubblicano un EP intitolato "All Universe" con quattro brani inediti, "All'Universe", "Long legs Razorblade","My ship knows" e la ballad "Winter soul"  registrati a metà degli anni 2000 presso i Vision Studios di Vicenza.

Come racconta Mirko, il repertorio della band in quegli anni si muoveva con sonorità legate al Melodic Hard Rock con venature raffinate di Prog Metal e Rock Fusion.
La costante ricerca di Mirko ad esplorare soluzioni stilistiche distanti dall'omologazione con i trend e i generi del momento, lo porta  a ideare un album diverso, più viscerale possibile, dove le glorie del passato sono appena percettibili e le tonalità, i riff e gli arrangiamenti diventano così una caotica raccolta di umori inespressi. 
L'album per vari motivi non vedrà mai la luce ma oggi dopo oltre un decennio alcuni brani registrati verranno pubblicati sotto forma di EP.

Con Mirko DeFox la  line-up si completava vedendo Herman Tonini (attuale axeman della band) e Paris Bertoldo alle chitarre, Davide Pangrazzi alla batteria e Ivano Pangrazzi al basso.
Gli X-HERO con questa formazione si sono esibiti live nel nord Italia e in Slovenija e Croazia, da ricordare le performance alle edizioni 2005 e 2007 dell'80's Italian Metal Legion" Festival, nel 2005 l'80's Italian Metal Legion WINTER's Season, i concerti con Bud Tribe, Rain, Dark Ages, Heat, Rosko's.
La visonaria cover artwork è realizzata dallo straordinario RRR Remi Real Rock per ANL.

L'EP è stato pubblicato il 31 di Marzo 2018 e distribuito in tutto il mondo sui migliori digital stores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music e molti altri.


Press Bureau:

QUEEN Records is proud to announce the best collection of the italian rockers SERENA ROCK BAND

DeFox Records and QUEEN Records are proud to announce the best collection of the italian rockers SERENA ROCK BAND  titled  "A beautiful simple ballads"  that will be available on the digital market from April 30th, 2018 in all the best webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, Shazam...and many more.

SERENA ROCK BAND are one of the most influential bands of the 1980's italian way of metal rock Invasion, having released more than ten albums, two live albums, and numerous compilations.
The band of Franco Maria Serena was important for creative contributions of outstanding artistic significance.
The band were honoured with the "Best Hard Rock Act" prize at ROCK ITALY Awards 2011, where they were described as the "greatest italian Hard Rock band of all time"!
Today the SERENA ROCK BAND is active with a strong energy, after 40 years of great rock!

Track list :
1) BUCHI NELL’ANIMA 6.18 (tastiere Alberto Lazzarin))
2) NOI DUE 5.26 (tastiere Luigi Stefanini)
3) COME APPESI NOI 5.07 (piano Carlo Santacatterina-sax Enrico Dal Bosco-basso Luigi Stefanini)

4) DARLING 4.20 (percussioni Maurizio Tortima)
5) GREEN CAR 4.23

From CD JUKE BOX (2006):
6) ONLY A FOOTSTEP 2.23 (chitarra e armonica a bocca Roby Colella-basso Aldo Tagliapietra)

From CD LIKE A DREAM (1994):
7) LIKE A DREAM 4.30

8) A WHITER SHADE OF PALE 4.53 (tastiere Valerio Nigrelli-violino Alessandro Dalla Vecchia)

From CD FRAMMENTI (2005):
9) IO SONO QUI A TESTA IN GIU’ 4.48 (violino Alessandro Dalla Vecchia)
10) NOI SIAMO FELICI 3.45 (tastiere Carlo Santacatterina-chitarra Marco Pellegrini)                                                                                                

1) 2)  3) Franco Maria SERENA-Vittorio COSTA
4) 5)  Franco Maria SERENA-Ruggero ROBIN
6) 7)  Franco Maria SERENA
8) Keith REID-Gary BROOKER
9) Franco Maria SERENA

Artwork by Lucio De Biase
Mastering by Valerio Nigrelli
Produced by Franco Maria Serena for DeFox Records and A.N.L.
Press office by Dvlgator Bureau

DeFox Records and Eur Records announce second album of Mistermat titled White Cat for an Hardblues

DeFox Records e Eur Records annunciano il secondo album  di Mistermat intitolato "White Cat for an Hardblues", la release contiene 10 canzoni caratterizzate da un caldo Blues Rock , intenso e viscerale.
Il prodotto sarà disponibile a partire dal 17 di Febbraio, 2018 in CD a tiratura limita e su tutti i migliori webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, Tidal, Shazam...

L'intento di Matteo Favretto aka Mistermat è realizzare un album che non fosse soltanto uno sterile contenitore di canzoni.
Come dice lui stesso "Ho voluto mettere le idee in ordine, ma creatività e razionalità sono in me, in eterno conflitto, ho pensato così di scrivere semplicemente come mi sentivo in quel periodo., gran parte dei pezzi si sono sviluppati in pochi giorni, mi sentivo spontaneo e sereno, nonostante stessi trascorrendo un periodo personale piuttosto agitato.
Blackboard, il brano che apre l’album, parla di un ragazzo in stato di esaurimento nervoso, nella sua mente c’è confusione quasi psichedelica, sa come uscirne ma teme di aprire l’ultima porta che trova davanti a se, e scoprire il cambiamento che essa rappresenta.
Il concept dell’album è un tortuoso percorso interiore, che porta alla propria consapevolezza."

Mistermat continua "Amo molto la musica semplice, con pochi accordi e molta intensità e cerco suoni incisivi, presenti e graffianti. 
Mi sento un musicista rock e blues, tengo alla italianità delle mie composizioni, poiché penso che possa dare un tocco di originalità al mio stile ed al mio genere musicale.
Per questo motivo ho pensato ad un gatto bianco (White Cat) che suona rockblues, balzellando beffardo e senza curarsene troppo tra l’essere italiano e il comporre brani in un genere tra il blues (musica nera) ed il rock (che per certi versi potremmo considerare più occidentale!)
Infine uso il termine Hardblues piuttosto che rock blues, poiché rappresenta maggiormente il mio percorso (ascolto dei grandi musicisti, studio, cover bands in cui ho suonato ecc.) ed anche allude alla mia più grande aspirazione artistica, Essere un vero bluesman!"

Matteo Favretto "MisterMat" : Lead guitars and vocals

Guest musicians :
Diego Vergari, drums
Nicola Nik Laezza, bass
Stefano Santangelo, Mandolino and autoharp
Giovanni Geppo Canale, Contrabass
Marco Saccozza, Percussions and washboard

Produced by Matteo Favretto 
Executive Producer Mirko Defox Galliazzo for Eur Records and ANL
Lyrics and Music by Matteo Favretto
Recorded and post-production by Franz Fabiano at Franz Suono Studios
All Guitars and keyboards recorded at LittleHouse Studios, Italia
Mixed and mastered by Franz Fabiano
Press office: Dvlgator Bureau, Italy Media 1
Legal Advisor: Music Legal & Associated
Artwork, pictures and design by RRR Remi Galiazzo

MISTERMAT "White Cat for an Hardblues "   

1. Blackboard
2. Hard in your hands
3. Dead man
4. Always
5. Jane
6. Since tonight
7. Try
8. The river
9. Too many lies
10. Better Days

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