MISTERMAT announce new album titled Girl in trouble

Nerocromo Music announces the addition of Italian Blues rocker MISTERMAT to its artist roster.
The album titled "Girl in trouble" contains 12 songs with the influence including blues, soul, rock and R&B. The digital release will be available in 2015, March 01th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...
Produced by Mat Favretto and Franco Maria Serena, recorded at Little House studios, Mastered by Loris Pionieri at Oronero, pictures by Paolo Didonè.

MisterMat (Matteo Favretto) was born in Padua in 1977. He grew up in a family where music was a matter of great importance. His father is a professional drum player, his uncle a popular guitar player among the local musical scene, but every member of the family play an istrument, either for their own personal pleaure or as a real job.
His grandfather was his first teacher and a relevant, fundamental figure for the developing of his art and musical knowledge. He was an exellent violinist, lutemaker, well known because of his talent and his amazing musical activity.
MisterMat begins to play guitar at the age of seven, studing modern and classical music. When he was forteen he was engaged by his father orchestra and that was the beginning of his career. During this period, playing with his father orchestra, he also recorded songs as "Momenti d'Amore" and "Rosa Rosa" along with the orchestra called "Filo di Seta". After this achievement many live concerts, television videos and collaboration with exellent musicians and professional people has followed.

Aiming to express fully his own experience and to merge different sounds and music genre, he kept studing harmony and musical composition for guitar and Voicecraft for the singing. After leaving the orchestras he dedicate himself to his own real passion for rock and blues music, beginning to cooperate with important names of the musical scene  for many years. During his live shows he plays a repertory which fully represent his great love for music. 
The song "Sola" (produced as a single by DivinazioneMilano) is an ambitious attempt to write a blues song but sung in italian. This attempt represent a turning point in his musical career. New cooperation and new singles followed such as "Fly" and "Make Me Smile" (Ed. by Smilax) "Paia Pa Pa" (Ed. by Frontman).
MisterMat is a guitarist with an essential, incisive style and an energetic voice. He is able to create the athmosphere of a musical journey throught his own songs and the hits which marked the history of Rock and Blues music, playing them all with his own inner style making them sound unique.

Opening show band for Aldo Tagliapietra(Le Orme), Andrea Braido, Chuck Ffrayers (Sorrows), Enzo Gragnaniello, Toni Cercola, Silvia Mezzanotte. With Enrico Santacatterina (Giganti,Riccardo Fogli, Koma Wave) Rudy Rotta, Adriano Vettore, Franco Serena (The Ranger Sound, I ragazzi dai capelli verdi), Franco Capovilla (I Delfini), Trutz Gtoth (Kim & The Kadillacs).

"Fender Stratocaster 50th anniversary, 1954/2004"
"Jimi Hendix tribute ed. 2004,2005,2006,2007,2008"
"Terramossa ed.2004,2005"-"Beatlesmania 2005"-"Rovigo beat 2006"-"Gigapaluusa 2006,2007"-"Rocknote2006"-"Sosteniamo la musica indipendente2006" "Gigapaluusa acustic love festival 2006"-"Valdagno blues festival 2007"-"Obiettivo Blues'in 2007"-"Pub Italia 2008"-"Bacchiglionebeat" ed. 2003,2004,2006,2009,20011,2013,2014"

Momenti d'amore(1996 Ed.FLYRECORDS), Rosa Rosa (1998 Ed.FLYRECORDS) Bacchiglionebeat (ed. Club degli artisti) Make me smile (2009 ed.Oronero Ed. Smilax) Fly (2009 ed.Oronero ed. Smilax) 

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