HEART OF STEEL RECORDS announce DARK AGES Teumman part two!

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are proud to announce DARK AGES and the second part of Teumman saga, great opera in two concept albums!
The album titled "Teumman part two" will be available on special limited edition CD format in August 24th and in every digital worldwide webstores in September 01th, 2013!

DARK AGES was formed all the way back in 1982 by guitarist SIMONE CALCIOLARI and the first 10 years he spent on creating the band’s sound, which was revealed on their 1991 debut album titled ‘Saturnalia’. 
After it’s release the band once again went back into the underground, but now, in the new millenium, the music is like a opera meet the Epic Heavy Progressive Rock.
Teumman's songs oriented in epic mood, slowtempo, classic metal with melodic line, great arrangements, very good melodies and solid performances make this a truly recommended release. 

DARK AGES line-up:

Simone Calciolari, Guitar
Davide Cagnata, Vocals
Massimiliano Missi Perboni, Bass
Carlo Bam Bam Busato, Drums
Angela Busato, Keyboards
**Special guest: Lisy Stefanoni, front woman of Evenoire on Flaute.

Tracklist “Teumman part 2”:

1. Court
2. A House Divided
3. Sea of Pain
4. Banquet
5. Vortex
6. Chasm
7. Drift
8. Solution
9. Moral

The music written by Simone and Angela, the lyrics written by Davide Cagnata.
The recording and mixing are from Maurizio “Tachy” Fracchetti at Mago Studio (Ala Trento) 
and the mastering are from William De Paolis on Lucernum Mastering Studio (San Donà di Piave – VE).
The great cover design are from Elisa Santambrogio, Reject Design.
Pictures are from the photographer Giovanna Aprili.

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