TO WHAT END “Nothing Left to Burn” is NOW Available on digital market

We want to inform that the  “Nothing Left to Burn” of  british TO WHAT END is now available in every biggest worldwide digital stores.
The EP contains 6 fantastic songs in vein of Old School Heavy Metal mixes with Powerful modern metal!
The band filmed the music video for the song called "Enemy in me" which will be the soundtrack for a movie, due out later this year!!
To What End's members are Gaz Bromley, guitar and vocals, Robert Moseley, bass and vocals (co-founder of legendary NWOBHM band LE GRIFFE) and Marnix Van Der Kraan lead singer, Levi Madfuk drummer and Alex Callaghan (who recently replaced Rob Moseley) on bass.

LISTEN THE PREVIEW!! ...Support the Music scene!!

The New video from Youtube

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