DeFox Records announce YouTube Music

YouTube Music Launched

We are excited to inform our artists and partners that on 22nd May 2018, YouTube launched their new Music Streaming service called ‘YouTube Music’.

Through our partnership with YouTube, our Music Videos will be automatically available on the new service to YouTube. 

YouTube will create ‘Art Track’ videos out of our sound recordings. Art Track videos fill in the gaps to ensure YouTube has a complete Music Video catalogue of out all releases. Our Music Videos created for the releases, YouTube will prioritize these over Art Track Videos.

YouTube Music will first be available in USA, Mexico, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand, with the following territories launching too: Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom
Users will be able to access YouTube Music through a dedicated App and a brand new desktop player that is designed for music. 
The YouTube Music personalized home screen will provide recommendations based on users listening history, where they are and what they are doing, which will result in a bespoke user recommendation experience. So if we are at the gym, expect to be suggested music that will get you running alongside Usain Bolt!

YouTube Music is available either through the Ad Supported Tier, or a Paid Subscription which gives benefits such as background listening, downloads and an Ad Free experience. 
The price point for YouTube Music Subscription Tier will be $9.99.
YouTube are also revamping their YouTube Red offering, which will now be called ‘YouTube Premium’. YouTube Premium offers an Ad Free experience, downloads and background listening for all types of video content. YouTube Premium will be priced at $11.99, which will also include access to YouTube Music Subscription.

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