Legendary XIPE TOTEC re-record debut album

We would like to bring your attention to DEFOX RECORDS new productions and scheduled in the coming months.
DeFox and all Record Labels are ready to give support to the new generation of rock and metal bands.
Artists from around the world choose DeFox Records as a partner to promote and distribute their music because the seriousness and competence are guaranteed for more than 20 years of experience.

Soon will come out for the Invincible Records the re-recorded debut album of legendary death metal band XIPE TOTEC titled "Prehispanic bag" released in 1998.

All music and songs will be distributed in more than 240 countries worldwide and over 120 digital webstores, including the biggest Itunes, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon, Google Music ...

Each album will be supported worldwide through the best international press office as DVLGATOR Bureau and CinaOtiko.

Our media partners, webzines, magazines, bloggers, Radio programs, booking agency ... are over 200 and access to our reserved area to download the promotional EPK (Electronic Press Kit with all songs in HQ mp3, pic and cover, product info for each band).

Our motivation today is "In Action with passion and determination!!"

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