INVINCIBLE Records are really proud to present death metal band from Iraq DARK PHANTOM

DeFox Records and INVINCIBLE Records are really proud to announce the debut album of death metal band from Iraq DARK PHANTOM.
The album titled "Nation of dogs" contains 10 songs in vein of Melodic Death Metal.
The digital release will be available early December on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

Dark Phantom’s idea began in Kirkuk, Iraq late in 2007. 
The impression was to reach their dreams in western music and to express the inferior circumstances in the city, and explain it to the universe. 

In 2008, the band was able to start up again and started rehearsal, despite all the dangers. Death was a consequence, of being caught playing this music in an Al Queda controlled situation. It was a volatile situation.
Dark Phantom could then, hardly compose their first song, before there was a decline in the band's musical direction. They turned to cover songs, and, at the same time, worked on original music.
In 2011, the band played their first concert in the city of Kirkuk. It was unforeseen, that under the same circumstances (volatile aggression, anti-metal music “laws”, etc.) a crowd came to see them and news of event rocked the small city.

After the band reputation was spread in the area, exactly in 2013 they started getting invitation to make a live concerts in different cities and indeed they responded, making 3 successful concerts in 3 different cities which was a great recovery and improvement for the band health ...
In 2016 finally the band start a negotiation with an international label which will prove well pleased to launch "Nation of dogs" in the world and spread Dark Phantom to Western metallers and in the music market.

Band members: 
Mir vocalist 
Murad Guitarist 
Rabeen guitarist 
Sarmed bass guitar 
Mahmood drums  

"Nation of dogs" Track List:

1.Dark Ages 00:21
2.New Gospel 03:11
3.Nation Of Dogs 04:18
4.Judgment Call 03:23
5.Unholy Alliance 03:17
6.O! Holocaust 03:35
7.Atomosphere 03:34
8.Confess 03:28
9.On The Brink Of Terror 02:53
10.State Of War 03:07

All songs lyrics by Mir Shamal 
All songs music by Murad, Rebeen, Mir, Mahmood 
Mixed and mastered by Mir Shamal 
Album cover art by Ece Bas



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