Defox Records join Nerocromo/Qu.Bi.Media

We are proud to announce that Defox Records join Nerocromo/Qu.Bi.Media and launch new music label called Nerocromo Music!
Early January 2015 will be formalized procedures for the launch in the worldwide market.
The new management staff is highly professional and competent, we will have a content manager, a channel manager and a marketing manager, all this for all our products.

Nerocromo Music will work with innovation and new ideas, strategy of communication and high quality products.

The Site:

Our new CONTACTS :

Nerocromo Music Publishing - Qu.Bi Media Headquarters
Palazzo Valmarana Braga ( Fogazzaro 16 - 36100 Vicenza, Italy

Send your parcel with promo or other to: 

Nerocromo/QuBiMedia P.O.Box 790 - 36100 Vicenza, Italy

e-mail to: music[@]

"Nerocromo is Music No limit, working in every platform PC, Tablet, Xbox, Mobile e Web. Windows, iOS and Android"

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