Message from NUCLEAR STRIKES about new singer

Message from NUCLEAR STRIKES about new singer!

As we all know, the Malaysian Heavy Metal band Nuclear Strikes, has already signed a contract with Defox records. 
Their album is already out in the market across Europe and found a place in the hearts of 80’s Heavy metal fans all across Europe, Asia and all over the world. Metal fans were very pleased by the outstanding performance ability by the vocalist Steelgirl Ladyana. However in November 2013  she left the band in order to pursue other music related goals in her life.

Due to the absence of a vocalist, Nuclear Strikes went on a search for a new singer and quickly found the prefect new vocalist in the Malaysian singer and model called Tassya Blade
Tassya Blade is also a member of the production team of Madratts, that produced the Nuclear Strikes "Megastorm eye" album in 2011 . When she was asked what she thought about the idea of having to replace Ladyana for Nuclear Strikes, she answered "I am very pleased and want to help keep the spirit of Heavy Metal alive together with the rest of the members of Nuclear Strikes. For over a year I have been following their music and hung out a lot with these guys so I actually have learned a lot about what their music is all about.”

Not so long ago Nuclear Strikes wrote a ballad to commemorate the loss of the Malaysian aircraft, flight MH370. The music video can be found on youtube. Sung by their first male vocalist, Arnot, a.k.a Mr.Ree. 
This song has been on the Malaysian trading yahoo and immediately earned the tittle of  the most popular new songs in Malaysia. And reached over 100,000 view on youtube in just a few days.

In the near future, Nuclear Strikes will issue a single which will be sung in the Malaysian language, titled Godaan (meaning: Temptation), including a music video. It has been a recurrent request by the Malaysian Nuclear Strikes fans. They want to hear their favorite Heavy metal band sing in their native language.
Meanwhile Nuclear Strikes are also working hard on finishing their full album (in English) with the new vocalist, Tassya Blade. 
This will be released in the near future. 

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