Heart Of Steel Records announce the digital version of legendary X-HERO's first album

DeFox Records and Heart Of Steel Records are proud to announce the digital version of legendary X-HERO's first album titled "X-Hero", produced in 1987 and reissue in limited edition CD in 2007.
The digital release will be available in 2014, April 8th on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...

X HERO began life billed as AXE HERO, being founded in 1981 by the Galliazzo brothers going by stage pseudonyms of singer Mirko DeFox and drummer David Johansen,the bass player Fabio "Pico" Piccotin and the guitar player Dave "Moby" Laperni.
The opening demos, 'Brainstorm' was recorded in 1983 and 'It's a Rock' was pubblish in 1984 with a new second guitar Martin Martin. The band, pulling in CAPTAIN KILL and XIPE guitarist Piero Albanese and bassist Cesco Laperni entered Space Station studios to record the 'Come Back' demos. Line up changes then saw the introduction of guitarist Alex Stornello and bassist Paul Blondie Gidoni. A privately pressed AXE HERO album, 'Brainstorm', saw issue in 1986 (this item is a biggest gem in vinyl for the collectors all around the world) without band's authorization.

The group then evolved into X HERO. Following issue of the 1987 self titled debut album through Fly By Night Records/Dischi Ricordi (for collectors very rare gems in vinyl, cassette and cd version), which saw distribution across the world, many great reviews followed on metal magazine everywhere (Aardshock America magazine descrived Mirko as The best european vocalist of the year) moreover, some radio stations decided to include their single "Don't stop the game"in their heavy rotation, which led the band to increase it's live activity, with the top of it 
reached with a show played as opening-act of the NWOBHM kings SAXON "Destiny tour" in Verona.

X HERO's line-up changed once again, new blood being ex-ZORA bass player Eros "The Alien" Mazzon and guitarist Luca Tosato. Work began on a second album at Lunatic Studios in Rome but never completed, meanwhile playing some successful italian live gigs (Verona Rock Fest,in Milan,in Venice...)

X HERO ceased activities in 1991, spawning three acts BLONDIEFOX, FRENETICA and MANITOBA. In later years X HERO tracks appeared on various compilation albums including Underground Symphony's 1994 collection 'Sign Of Sacred Cross' and the 1995 'Area Sismica vol 1" on A.M.Songs & Music with the song 'Rise Of The Curtain'.

X HERO reunited in May 2003, the membership comprising Mirko DeFox, David Johansen, Eros The Alien on bass and Roberto Benna on guitar. The band participated in the July, in Domegliara '1980's Italian Metal Legions Attack' festival alongside a nostalgic billing of DARK QUARTERER, SPITFIRE, GUNFIRE, DARK AGES and EXILE. Newly installed on bass guitar would be Villy Gardellin.

In 2005 Mirko DeFox was written and recorded together with long-time collaborators and friends like Paride"Paris"Bertoldo (great guitarist and producer) in this time did also contribute to the songwriting with new X-Hero's songs,another threat for the melodic Hard Rock fans.The recordings are now locked in a drawer!

In 2013 X-Hero arise with original line-up, Mirko DeFox call Paul Blonbide Gidoni on guitars, bass and keyboards and David Johansen Galliazzo on drums, they are writing new songs for a new album!

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