WILD KITTEN' Interview and excellent review!

Excellent review published on international metal mag METAL TEMPLE, the journalist Steinmetal writed; 
"WILD KITTEN did up class those former efforts with the enchanting ballad of "Illusion", displaying a great vocal work by the sexy, Lee Aaron influenced, Eliz Foxy, probably one of her best outtakes throughout the list. 
 WILD KITTEN is mere simply band with a badass attitude, no trends, no special technical antics, no effects but only Rock N' Roll. 
Therefore nothing new to offer, but doing what they chose to do, is made finesse equally to what was produced decades ago. 
I would have worked on the production a bit more prior to releasing this album in order to sound moderately professional, but I guess that it is only the first stop of this train." 
Rate 8/10 
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Amazing interview of ELIZ FOXY with the Radio/Magazine OXIDO from Argentina! read the secrets of this great band! 

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