Invincible Records announce the third Consolamentum album

The legendary mastermind Martin Martinez (Xipe Totec, Miquian, Yatrogeny, Saclas),announces his third album from his other side project CONSOLAMENTUM titled “Heritage of the Apostle” which will be released on January 20th, 2024, distributed worldwide through Invincible Records on digital market.

CONSOLAMENTUM “Heritage of the Apostle” (DeFox Records/Invincible Records 2024)

1.- Ritual Murderer

2.- Sergeant Howie

3.- Holy office of a sadique God

4.- Folk Horror

5.- Ometochtzin

6.- Straw Dogs

7.- The vampire tree

8.- Heritage of the Apostle

- Cover painting, lyrics, music, voices & instruments: Martin Martinez (

- Phillip Yepez: Voices

Mix , Master, Art design by Adrián Barrios ( at JAREK STUDIO (jun 23).

Logo by Beto Mire(

Photo design by Alex Camacho 


Influenced by the theme of "folk horror", such as the excellent film "The wicker man, 1973), Mario Cruz's inquisitorial horror literature, Bernardo Esquinca's horror-police genre, urban legends of Mexican colonialism, the ancient cathars; complemented by a sound of death metal voices, atmospheric transverse flutes, keyboards that remind us of the 60's movie era, thick Doom Metal riffs...

A job that every doomer should listen to...


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