Invincible Records announce SACLAS new Martin Martinez project


SACLAS "Achamoth" - Invincible Records/DeFox Records 2023

The legendary mastermind Martin Martinez, announces the release of the new project called Saclas and debut album titled "Achamoth" which will be released on September 22th, 2023, distributed worldwide through Invincible Records on digital market.

A debut and concept album, where the treatises and wisdom of thinkers marginalized and forgotten by the Academy, have now been poured into thunderous and devastating sounds typical of Death Metal. Isn't Metal characterized by being extreme and reminding us of madness? Well, despair, emptiness, the chronic idea of death, the chaos of the world and its irreparability, were inspiring sources for "ACHAMOTH".

Death Metal project of the multinstrumentist Martin Martinez (Xipe Totec, Yatrogeny, Miquian, Consolamentum, Eclectic Spawn), where on this occasion, he carries out the recording of the voice and additionally, makes use of the transverse flute in the middle of those heavy riffs and dark, as expressed in his lyrics, as cursed philosophers and poets such as Mäinlander, Ciorán, Schopenhauer, Zapffe, Michelstaedter,  Caraco, Hesse, Leopardi and some topics of Gnostic tenor, are the content of SACLAS (“blind God” in Aramaic, main demon of the Manichaeism).

Track list:

1.- Achamoth  (intro)

2.- Without Will

3.- Redemption Of Mainländer

4.- Storm Of Lucidity (instrumental)

5.- Fatal Demiurge

6.-The Last Savior

7.-Dukkha (instrumental)

8.- Sorrows Of The World

9.- Leopardi Sigh

10.- Harry Haller

11.-Michelstaedter Rhetoric

12.-The Fall Of Sophia


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