Nerocromo Music is pleased to announce WILL SID SMITH

Nerocromo Music is pleased to announce the young british pop sensation WILL SID SMITH.
The EP titled “We Are Living” contains 6 songs with the influence including Brit Pop, Rock and Indie. The digital release will be available in 2015, end of March on every worldwide webstores, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer, Google Music, Nokia, Emusic...
Produced by Will Sid Smith.

Will is a singer/songwriter from Tunbridge Wells in England who plays guitar and keyboards.  He began singing seriously when he was just 6 years old and has been writing songs since he was 14. His tastes in music cover all genres but his strongest influences are the Goo Goo Dolls, The Calling and Dashboard Confessional.  He also admires songwriters such as Michelle Branch, the composer Thomas Newman and vocalists like Pavarotti and Freddie Mercury.
Now 19, Will has an impressive catalogue of original songs and has been playing gigs around Kent and in London for over 5 years.   Will also plays many private events and regular gigs where covers  are more suitable and his repertoire takes in music from Oasis, Ed Sheeran, Stevie Wonder and even ABBA.   Currently in his first year at university studying Creative Music Technology he also writes occasionally for Punk Globe Magazine.
The forthcoming indie musical DMUS features two of Will's tracks, including "Tonight", which is the movie's theme song.  Due for release in Madrid in April there are also plans for a launch event in London where Will and several other contributing artists will be performing.

Will’s melodic pop sound is his own, with many diverse influences, and he describes it as Enercholy (Melancholy with Energy).  Driving guitar rythms or mellow keys are accompanied by soaring, emotive vocals.  Imagine the lyrical content of Dashboard Confessional fused with the Goo Goo Dolls’ structure and melody.  Sadie Duarte, the Director of DMUS, said “[Tonight is] the kind of track you can easily remember and never forget”. RSM's review of his single Urban Country described Will as "like John Mayer but a bit more fun and a little less world-weary" whilst London Summer Jam described his music as "smooth pop with an edge".   

In an interview for The GL Giles Files Donna Destri (singer and ex Blondie backing vocalist) said “I really think that I have a sixth sense sometimes about people…it’s either that, or I should have been a personal manager or PR person, because I think that I can really predict when someone will be hugely famous. I said it about Debbie Harry when I used to see her in small little clubs. I feel the same thing about Will Sid Smith. For someone so young, he writes and sings with a passion, maturity and sincerity that would be common in someone far beyond his tender age, and I think he’s going to be a pop sensation.”

Will has recently recorded 6 tracks, including the title track “We Are Living”, for a new EP and has produced them himself. 

Will believes that your music should contain part of your soul and he strives to ensure that his does that. 

Track list: 

1) I will love
2) A year too late
3) Come
4) We are living
5) Dear Diary
6) Weather Man


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