BUBBLE BLOOD RECORDS presents the Post-Progressive Metal band REDFOG

NEROCROMO MUSIC and BUBBLE BLOOD RECORDS are proud to presents the Post-Progressive Metal band REDFOG.

REDFOG is a Mexican band that plays Post-Progressive Metal that mixes Experimental, Art and Rock, formed in 2010, which features Ivy and her hypnotic voice, lyrics with obscure themes, visual arts and the Album artwork.

Vicko plays virtual and acoustic drums and percussions;Walt Art plays the guitar and Alex plays the keyboards. 
Their music has power chords, scratchy noises, a cinematic dark sound, a tense feeling with amazing energy. 
REDFOG are happy to sign with NEROCROMO MUSIC for their debut Album titled "On The Edge" .

Early Years (1989 - 1996)
During the 1990’s, brothers Vicko, Walt Art, Edgar and Alex formed Syntagma. 
They recorded Más Allá Del Horizonte (Beyond the Horizon, 1994) and Syntagma7 and did several performances on regional television and radio.

Hard Times (1996-2009)
In February 1996, Vicko had an Encephalitis that caused him a damaged ear. He had recovery and rehabilitation. Walt’s wife suffered a very aggressive breast cancer until her death in May 1998. Then, in September 2008, Vicko had a Terminal Cancer Diagnosis, but a second test showed Normal Lab Values. A sense of being a survivor living On the Edge, encouraged him to return with his brothers to what they love: The Post-Progressive Metal Experimental Rock Music.

REDFOG begins (2010 - 2014)
Vicko, Walt and Alex talked to Ivy about forming a new band, a Post-Progressive, Alternative, Metal, Experimental and Art- Rock band.
Their first album, On The Edge, has a cinematic dark sound with obscure themes and a hypnotic voice. They‘ve invited Edgar to complete the lineup playing the bass. 

Line-up :
Ivy Lor: Lead Vocals, art design and lyrics 
Wal Team Art: Guitars, bass, vocals & mastering 
Hector Tec: Keyboards and bass & programming 
Vico Loar: Drums and percussions

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