WE are pleased to announce the debut album of ANASTASIO FARINI

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are pleased to announce the debut album of ANASTASIO FARINI, great guitarist from Greece!
The album titled "Lil' Angel" will be available on every digital worldwide webstores, ITunes, Spotify, Amazon, Emusic, Nokia... in May 20th, 2013!

Anastasio Farini was born in Thessaloniki (Greece). 
In early age he started taking classical guitar lessons and completed his studies in music theory. 
His love towards rock'n'roll led him to start playing electric guitar and form his first band called White Rose. 
Was sixteen years old, he play live gigs in several venues, gaining air play from radio stations and a recognition as an upcoming guitar talent through Greek Metal Hammer Magazine. 

He have influences in guitar virtuoso like Yngwie Malmsteen, John Norum, Chris Impellitteri, Steve Vai,and many more, led him to create a more melodic personal playing and sound. 
Since then he has collaborated with many singers and bands as a member or as a session musician. 

His debut album "Lil' Angel" contains 9 melodic Hard Rock songs with elements of classic Hard Rock till Glam, and Hair Metal sounds with neoclassical solos is the characteristic of sound of Lil'Angel Album. 
Also Anastasio Farini cooperate with great singers wherever they in turn gave them their own mark in the final result.
At " Lil'Angel "song Anastasio Farini featuring with the Greek singer Dean Mess (W.A.N.T.E.D)
-" Sweet Lovin' Girl " song featuring with the great melodic singer Rob Mancini
-" Anytime All The Time " song featuring with the amazing singer from Sweden Pelle Saether (Grand Design)
-" Brother To Brother " song with the idol legendary from England Reuben Archer (Stampede, cult band of the NWOBHM)
- " I Will Be Loving You Forever "and " Like My Way Of Love " songs with the fantastic performer from Australia Darren Grant (Eruption,Daz Of Oz)
-" Wild Boyz " (cover song from Duran Duran) with the biggest Greek Rock Star George Gakis. and in the instrumental songs " The Phantom Of The Opera " (cover from famous Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical ) " Prelude " with the great maestro and keyboardist from George Gakis band Panagiotis Voulgaris, also in the song " Lil' Angel" Anastasio Farini featuring with the Greek maestro and keyboardist player Giannis Giouras.

Anastasio Farini "Lil'Angel "official video

The others musicians who cooperate with Anastasio Farini in the album are :

Kostas Domenikiotis (Bass) 
Giannis Katis (Drums)
Christos Gougoumas (Keys) 
and with these musicians appear on lives.

The lyrics of all the songs written by Vicky Bek,except from the song "Brother To Brother" which written from Reuben Archer.
The mixing and the mastering are from Ghayath Samman (Rias).
The great cover design are from George (Snaki) and Sofi (Heaven) from BeRock Radio
Photos are from the photographer Alexandros Didonis

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