Heart Of Steel Records presents MINDFUEL from Sweden

DEFOX RECORDS and HEART OF STEEL RECORDS are excited to announce the second album of MINDFUEL, great Hard'n'Heavy Metal band from Sweden!
The upcoming album titled ”Time For A Change” contains 12 songs, really strong in vein of the traditional metal meet epic sound, as Saxon, Iron Maiden, Nightwish, Edguy, Avantasia...

Hailing from Skåne län, Sweden, MindFuel combines elements of Hard Rock, Heavy and Power Metal to create a sound that is wholly their own and undeniably awesome!
The band, which includes Markus Kinell on guitars/bass, Magnus Westman on vocals and Magnus Göransson on drums, started as a project in February of 2008 when Markus and Magnus met through a mutual friend. 
Magnus agreed to put some vocals down on a song that Markus was working on and they fit perfectly with the music.

After exploring their similar tastes in music and views for the direction of a possible band Magnus agreed to join the project full time. 
From there they recruited Manus Göransson, a drummer Markus had worked with a few years prior. 
When Magnus G joined all the pieces were in place and the three began churning out the incredible songs that would become their debut album under their new name... MINDFUEL!

Few years has past, but MINDFUEL still rock hard and are now pleased to announced our new upcoming album ”Time For A Change” that will be released on May 2013.
The artwork was created by Caio Caldas.
Mindfuel Facebook HERE

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