DEFOX presents "The sixties rare gems"

DEFOX RECORDS with Club degli Artisti are excited to announce the Editorial project called "The sixties rare gems", dedicated to Sixties, seventies, Pop Beat and Progressive italian sound.
We have published in strickly limted editon CD, the following albums;

I RAGAZZI DAI CAPELLI VERDI "Insieme tutti noi" Unreleased recordings from the historic italian 60s beat band (ex Rangers Sound)! Recorded in the mid-80s with the "spirit" of their sixties stuff and never released until now! A different version of these recordings were published on Contempo Records in the late 80s, but they were the English-sung version not the Italian one like these!!!
Limited to 100 copies only!!

I ROYALS "I singoli" This is the story of one of most underrated Italian sixties beat band. They did 3 singles from 1966 to 1968, all collected here (including a cool cover version, sung in Italian, of Simon & Garfunkels "Mrs.Robinson".), with a previously unreleased 1965 acetate song, all from the official masters!!! 
Limited to 100 copies only!!

I DELFINI "Tre" the best beat band to emerge in Italy, first issued on Disco CDB in 1966-1967; "Tre" Contains mostly originals, but also covers of ROLLING STONES, sung in Italian.
Limited to 100 copies only!!

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