STEVE SALUTO - X-HERO and SERENA ROCK BAND reviews from Greece!!


Berock is actually one of the best music Media of Greece, is a radio and magazine too!

STEVE SALUTO "Brown eyed soul":
DEFOX Records Works in an album that blends the Melodic Hard Rock with Funk and responsible for this blend is the charismatic Steve Saluto. Steve knows how to perform tracks like these that you are going to listen to this album and believe me he will deliver them to you smooth and transfusing 
like the way he does always! The name of the album is “Brown Eyed Soul” and within it you will find guests like Doug Wimbish on bass, Marco Mendoza on vocals and Atma Anur on drums. Just imagine then how this melodic “feast” will feed your appetite for music for the soul! Ten tracks are the keys 
that will unlock your most melodic corners of your inner music world, these are fine tunes, away from the fuzz of today. READ MORE HERE

X-HERO "X-Hero" :

This debut album of this Melodic Hard Rock band from Italy was always considered one of the best albums in discography for this genre, it’s an album that every Melodic Hard Rock lover will love from the first listen. Heart Of Steel Records delivers to you the full length debut album of the band X-Hero , this album is “painted” will the eternal color of the 80’s and it came to feed your music appetite. READ MORE HERE

SERENA ROCK BAND "Rolling on the Road" : 
Heart Of Steel Records having the quality as motto in music, releases an album that fills this presupposition.
The album is called “Rolling On The Road”, comes from Serena Rock Band and its sound can express all types of a Rock music taste, from Melodic Hard Rock to Blues. READ MORE HERE

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