STEVE SALUTO review on important UK web magazine UBER ROCK

STEVE SALUTO review on important UK web magazine UBER ROCK!

"Jazz to funk to rock to pop...that could sum up the diversity and depth of Italian guitar virtuoso Steve Saluto. Having recorded with many artists, both known and unknown but all with varied talent, and turning his hand to production along the way with his own production company and recording studio, he is also a well graced figure known to Italian magazine readers and TV viewers.

'No Good To Me' is a funk driven, well structured little ditty taking its inspiration from the likes of Living Colour and Dan Reed, a catchy enough choral arrangement and decent vocal and then it's more of the same on 'Your Love' - neat and tidy melodic vocal passages combine well with the just right in the mix guitar parts. This young hombre can certainly piece together a tune perfectly and this is quite evident on 'Angel', a Hendrix slant to affairs on this slowed down track, again a good chorus and production and flowing use of the six string, scratching away underneath all of this is a slight Prince thang too. 'Velvet Sky' has all of the aforementioned influences mish-mashing to create an okay song. Great guest artists it should be mentioned on board this project include Doug Wimbush (Living Colour), Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake) and (Cacophony) drummer Atma Anur.

The class can definitely be heard on the opus 'Hey Jimi', a nod of his Italian hat to "The Maestro" Mr Hendrix.. groove and feel aplenty on this dedicated...READ MORE HERE "

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